We’re going streaking! BRUINS WIN.

At the end of October we were all frustrated at the piss poor play of the Bruins, Rask was ready to murder small children because his team never play anything approaching good in front of him and Nathan Horton’s picture was being posted on milk cartons around Boston.

Three games into November the Bruins are 3-0, Rask got a much needed win and Horton looks to be turning a corner.

The Bruins are out scoring their November opponents 18-5 through three games. We see some people out there saying “who cares, it was against the Senators, Leafs and Islanders.” To you we say go fuck yourself Captain Buzzkill.

Our dear B’s are building confidence and good teams are supposed to crush bad teams and that is exactly what the Bruins have done. If you don’t like it go watch a Celtics game. Oh wait….

Horton and Krejci are heating up. Lucic is still offended that we called him Whocic and is scoring. Seguin continues to be the man. We’re not ready to say OMG THE B’S ARE BACK! WOOOOOOOOO but hibernation definitely looks like it is coming to an end. Good tests this week with a surpisingly Oilers team coming to town and then the stupid, stupid Sabres.

After the jump….. Rask no longer on murder watch, Horton lights it up and Seguin is just better than you….

– It was just nice to see Rask get a win. This team must have absolutely destroyed this kid’s confidence. Every time Rask is in net the entire team decides to just squat down and take a giant poop in front of him. Awful. Rask Watch has been toned down for now.

– Horton, Lucic and Krejci finally look like a dominant line again. Chances everywhere! They had 8 points between them last night and if they keep it up Buffalo is going to start shitting their pants.

– Seguin is just awesome. He’s got a fantastic shot and is an unbelievable passer. Kid has got the goods. Best part of Bruins fans? He’s only going to get better. Exciting times around here.

– McQuaid. Jesus. Why would you ever want to mess with this man?

– Paille getting drilled in the face with a puck. We give him crap for his stone hands but you never want to see a guy get nailed in the face with a puck. Unless that guy is Patrick Kaleta.

– Matt Martin for the sake of your career, if you’re going to fight someone like McQuaid do more than hold onto their jersey for dear life. Here’s a tip… YOUR OPPONENT WILL REPEATEDLY PUNCH YOUR FACE OFF WITH THEIR FREE HAND. Idiot.

– All the upcoming “Taylor vs Tyler” hype. Here’s a tip…. we won’t know who is better until both their careers are over. Also it doesn’t matter. Seguin is on the Bruins and is awesome. Don’t give a shit how good or bad Hall does over in Edmonton.

– The Marchand, Bergeron, Seguin time didn’t have the stamina to play a full 60 minutes. What a damn entertaining line they were last night. Sweet baby jebus those three were magical.


– Oh Al Montoya. You did a terrible job covering up for Nabokov.


– Is this a hot streak or are the Bruins FINALLY turn their game around? Outside of a handful of players the Bruins have had a ton of passengers this season. They’re going to get tested a lot this week and hopefully they rise to the challenge.

– Can Benoit Pouliot stop being the Bruins Christmas poo? 

– Will TD Garden give Jon gas money for driving in since the Bruins are 2-6 when he attends games this season?

– Will Robb be arrested for looking like a pedophile with his tiny mustache?

– Why the hell is Justin so smelly?

– Will Greg make good on his promise to turn his children into zombie meat when the time comes?

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