Where The Hell Is Marc Savard?

There were “reports” last week that Marc Savard would be attending the Bruins’ home games 3 and 4 of the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals against the Philadelphia Flyers. When the reports came out, social media websites were set on fire by positive chatter from Bruins fans hoping that Savy would “come back home”. Some questioned whether these reports were correct, whether he was in Boston for testing or whether he was actually there to be with the team during their domination of Philly. When game time rolled around, the questions were answered as Marc Savard was nowhere to be seen or heard from.

Days of Y’Orr was a little inquisitive of where Marc Savard was so the five of us, yes Purrgeron included, hit up our state of the art GPS finding system and located where Marc Savard was. These pictures may shock you.

After the jump, where has Savard been!?

Moped in Milan with Anne Hathaway? Check.

Knitting with Grandma? Check.

Phantom of the Opera on Broadway? Check.

Fight in the UFC? Check.

Grow a sweet head of hair and catch a big ass fish? Check.

Drinking like a Viking? Check.

Or what we feel is probably the most accurate of the bunch: