James Kneel Suspended Five Games

James Neal has been suspended five games for his knee to the head of Brad Marchand.  Dion Phaneuf has a phone hearing tomorrow at 10am for his hit on Kevan Miller. Shawn Thornton's hearing is still TBD. 


24. Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Boston Bruins. Photoshop Galore Edition

  Workload before the holiday keeping Team DOY busy, so this will be a pretty quick preview. The Penguins return to Boston tonight. Let's walk down memory lane, shall we?         More after the jump…   Projected Lines McQuaid doesn't seem ready yet. Seidenberg skated today and had no issues, but he's […]

Jesse Winchester Goes Macho-Man Randy Savage on Chris “Cageface” Kelly

  Goddamit. We just got Loui Eriksson back from concussion when Jesse Winchester (Not related to Sam or Dean) decides to throw a leaping elbow into Chris Kelly's head. GIF compliments of PuckDaddy Amazingly enough, there was no penalty on the play… solid work, NHL. Anyways, WInchester should expect at least a phone call […]

Jack Edwards joins Twitter… finally

The one and only Jack Edwards has joined the Twitterverse.  From dinosaurs to dogs. Suck on it, rest of the NHL.  Haggs is saying it’s legit. We’re taking it as legit.

Year of the Bear: Boston Bruins 2011 Review

Everyone else does this shit and we’re lazy tools so we’re going to jump on board. 2011 was obviously a really good year for the Boston Bruins. Can’t really say otherwise when you win the Stanley Cup. After the jump we look at pictures and videos that describe the Year of the Bear.  January     February   Shit. […]

Game Day Preview 35: Bruins vs. Stars: Oh hai, Michael Ryder

Tonight’s the Bruins second game all month, or so it feels like. They’re in Dallas to play the Stars and we all know what happens when they play Dallas. Though the last two line brawls between these teams happened in Boston. Man. Those games get us fired up. Weird that it’s the Stars that the […]

Reliving the Bruins-Stars brawls

To get everyone pumped for tomorrow’s Bruins vs. Stars game, we present to you videos of those great Bruins-Stars brawls. Man. We still remember where we were for that game. Pizz and Jon were at the Garden. I was sitting on my girlfriend’s couch freaking out Tom Cruise style. And yes, I electried my […]

They’ll punch your face off of your face. BRUINS WIN.

(This is going to be a short recap. We’re working on something else) What an ugly, ugly game. Seriously. Just ugly. But a win is a win. How about them B’s? Wasn’t it nice of them to tank in October to spot the rest of the league a few points before they came out firing? […]

Game Day Preview: 34. Boston Bruins @ Phoenix Coyotes

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas. Now that the fat man in the red suit is out of the picture, it’s time for some Bruins hockey! Feels good, let me tell ya. I know that the time off is good for the team in the short run, but looking at that March schedule really fucks […]

Finally: Corvo, Pouliot not sucking & starting to fit in

It took a couple of months but it appears that Joe Corvo and Benoit Pouliot are finally fitting in with the Boston Bruins style of play. Their slow starts shouldn’t be too surprising. The Bruins base of operations is “defense first” and getting used to Claude Julien’s way of playing the game requires some adjustment […]

Get ready for 100% business in NHL 36: Patrice Bergeron

Patrice Bergeron will be starring in the new NHL documentary called NHL 36. Per “Patrice has won a Stanley Cup, plus a gold medal at the Olympics, at the World Championship and at the World Junior Championship,” said Ross Greenburg, executive producer, NHL 36. “He is one of the League’s most under-rated superstars.”  Listen. […]

Team DOY makes it to Sweet 16, need more votes

Big thanks for everyone who voted for us in Round 2. Team DOY won a tight match up, 53%-47%. We’ve made it to the Sweet 16. Voting for this round is today and tomorrow only. Whew. Talking about a quick fight. We’re currently losing 45%-55% so we could use your votes for sure. We’d be honored if […]

Free hat! Free hat! BRUINS WIN.

What an unreal game. Sure the Panthers played three games in four nights including back-to-back games. Every team has scheduled losses like that but what happened last night was a message sender to Florida that they might be good, but they’re not that good yet. And it’s gonna be a long, tough life in a […]