Ain’t No Party Like a Shawn Thornton Party. BRUINS WIN.

Do we consider this a “bounce back” game? We mean, the Bruins were the overall better team against Vancouver. It is just hard to crack turtle shells.

This game wasn’t pretty to start. The Bruins overheard Jets fans in the stands talking about the early 90s battles against the Bruins and the Bruins were confused because they played the Thrashers last year. Once the Bruins realized Jets fans are delusional they started kicking ass and Atlantipeg didn’t even see it coming.

We want to apologize in advance. You know how much the DOY staff loves Thornton. We’ll do our best to talk about other players but seriously. How long have we been saying Thornton is the third greatest player in NHL history? He hits, he fights, he scores, he’s got moves and he’s a leader. Shawn Thornton is a god amongst men.

After the jump….. SHAWN THORNTON IS A GOD!

– Shawn Thornton. If you are surprised by Thornton’s sweet penalty shot moves you just haven’t been paying attention.

Shawn Thornton is the real deal. Bitches better recognize.

– This picture. There are no words for how awesome it is:

Rumor is that Jon took out the picture of his fiancee in his wallet and replaced it with this.

– Good ole Mark Stuart and Mr. Thornton had quite the bout.

Stuart was quickly reminded how much of a bad ass Shawn Thornton is.

Thornton said in an interview that while he likes Stuart off the ice, there are no friends on the ice. We bet they met up later for a beer and laughed.

– That Nathan Horton fella sure is heating up. Sucks to be you NHL. Sucks to be you.

– Krejci has magic hands. Seriously. We dare you to prove that he doesn’t. WE DARE YOU.

– Patrice Bergeron. We don’t need a reason.

– Seguin has been on a roll lately himself and once he saw Shawn Thornton’s skills he studied some tape and decided to try to replicate Thornton’s sweet moves himself.

Apparently the kid is a quick study.

– We loved the effort on Pouliot’s goal. Loved it. He was just jamming away and refused to leave until he scored.

– We miss you Mark Stuart. :(

– Silly Jets fans that. Twitter and Facebook are full of Jets fans who are talking about the possibility of Teemu Selanne returning “home” at the trade deadline. If Selanne did get traded, he would want to go to a Stanley Cup contender for one last run, not some shitty team whose fan base refuses to admit the real Jets are playing in Phoenix.

– That awful, awful atrocious call they called on Thornton. How do some refs have a job. Must have been the same crew from the Vancouver game. Thornton should’ve kicked his ass.

– Could Shawn Thornton possibly be more awesome?

– Will Marchand injure anyone during his suspension!?!?

Vancouver says yes.

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