Bergeron for President. BRUINS WIN!

It had that same old post December feel. The Bruins were up 2-1 and outshooting Nashville by at least 37 shots in a row. Then you blinked and Nashville was ahead 3-2. 

Our dear Bruins used to dominate the third. But lately they love blowing leads in the third like Patrick Kaleta loves blowing goats. Then the Goalie Runner stepped in.

The Bruins had a late power play. Thomas scrambled to the bench to post on his Facebook and watch the Boston media blow up. What a prankster.

Peverley sent a shot wide, Lucic hussled to the puck and lifted a back hander passed that demon Pekka Rinne. Tie game. The Bruins needed this bad. Really bad. Then as always, Bergeron’s troops finished the game. HUGE WIN.

This game wasn’t just about two points. The Bruins have roughly a 99% chance of winning their division. Sure, the two points could mean the difference between 3rd in the East and 1st in the East but really who cares at that point. Nashville is a great team. No one outside of Nashville knows but the Predators are contenders. The Bruins NEEDED to beat them. The fact that they almost blew the game then came back and won in the shootout has to be a huge confidence boost and hopefully, HOPEFULLY, the win that gets them back on track. We want a return of the bWo.

After the jump….. Bergeron is awesome, we want to steal Shea Weber and Bergeron is awesome…..

– Patrice Bergeron is the man. You could see this kind of game coming from the NHL’s most underrated player. Think back to how PISSED Bergeron was during that Buffalo loss. He was smashing everything in sight, Tuukka Rask style. He had enough. He brought his two buddies into battle and they gave the Bruins a much needed win.

Patrice Bergeron for President!

Would Thomas snub him?

– Marchand’s effort on that Bergeron goal. Julien should never, ever, ever split up that Marchand-Bergeron-Seguin line. They are pure magic. 

– The B’s Gentlemen Line. Once again they were everywhere. When the Bruins need a spark they come rolling out and yet again they came through. They ain’t not fourth line bitches.

And how ridiculous was that Paille goal. The Gentlemen Line is currently enrolling the rest of the Bruins in Effort University.

– We’re using the word “effort” a lot in this recap today. About time! Again, look at the game tying goal. Peverley Hills with the set up.

Then the big bad Goalie Killer with the finishing blow!

– No words needed.

– The Predators refused our offer of Zach Hamill for Shea Weber. No idea why. Dicks.

– Perhaps Thomas is becoming a distraction… to himself. Poorly played game Tim. Very poor. BRB we’re going to post something about you on our Facebook.


– Our good pal Adam McQuaid had a really rough day. We’d say something meaner but he’d tear our heads off and drink our sweet, sweet blood.

– Bruins… Predators… come on guys. Are you amateurs? Back to back too many men penalties? Get your heads together!


– When will the rest of the team start supporting Bergy’s Troopers on a regular basis?

– Will this win put the B’s back on the right track?

– When will everyone just shut the hell up about what Thomas does off the ice?

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