Better late than never

In full off-season mode. Also, holiday weekend, so we’re kinda behind on our news reporting. Good thing we’re not like real reporters or that’d be super embarrassing. Whew.

First off: Bruins were named Team of the Year by SportsBusinessJournal, a publication that 98% of the people reading this probably never has read. According to

The Sports Team of the Year Award was awarded for excellence and outstanding achievement for the time period from March 1, 2011 through February 29, 2012. Each year the award honors one sports franchise based on an evaluation of “excellence, growth, creativity, innovation, sound planning, implementation and outcomes.” 

So, in short: 

The Boston Bruins also finally shipped up resident sloth and first round bust Zach Hamill for Chris Bourque. In 20 games played for the Bs, Sloth compiled a whopping 0 goals and 4 assists. Can’t see why they’d trade him. We won’t miss Sloth but we will miss using this photoshop.

In return they get Chris Bourque, yes of that same family. In 33 games in the big leagues Bourque has compiled 1 goal and three assists. So really the Bruins traded one scrub for another. Better chance of something actually happening with Bourque though. He did lead the AHL in scoring — 93 points, 73 games. Depending on how offseason re-signs (or lackthereof) goes, we might just see Bourque on the fourth line next year.

Here’s a post about Chris Bourque from the Pensblog. Their love for him is right up there with Mark Recchi. 

We know a lot of people are stoked there’s a Bourque back in Boston, but let’s get this straight. This guy…

chris bourque bruins
Is not this guy… 

Also here’s a cool story about Andew Ference’s workout routine which includes some asskicking.  He’s on twitter, now, by the way.

Enjoy your Memorial Day. 


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