Boston Bruins hit the road in February

Boston Bruins
Boston Bruins only play five games at home this month and they’ll be done with two of them come tomorrow night.

Games of note:

  • Tomorrow’s game against the Penguins. Pitt has been getting analed by the injury bug this season. Somehow they’re still fifth place in the East. Malkin’s a beast. Jon’s somewhere jerking off to his fugly headshot.
  • Bruins play three back-to-back games this month. Pens-Caps, Rangers-Habs and Sabres-Sens. Capitals will be bringing it as they’re fighting for their playoff lives, the Rangers are sitting on top of the East, Habs are the Habs and Ottawa will be looking to hold onto their playoff spot. Bruins have the goaltending to not make some of those scheduled losses but the team’s defense has to step their game up a few notches.
  • Six game road trip. Brutal.
  • Saturday the 11th vs. the Predators. Nashville is fouth in the West with 66 points 52 GP. Bruins have 66 in 49 GP. 
  • Wednesday the 22nd vs. Blues. St. Louis has 65 points in 49 games.

Bruins are going to need a little of the following…



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