Boudreau go BOOM! BRUINS WIN!

Much of the Days of Y’Orr staff kind of likes the Ducks. Especially Robb. Kid’s boner almost burst through the computer screen in DOY chat when the Ryan to Boston rumors popped up during trade season.

Purrgeron hates them. Something about birds being dicks. We won’t pretend we can get into the mind of a cat. 

But when you see a team once a year it is hard to build up hate. Especially for Selanne. If he wanted to win another Cup before he retires maybe he should’ve asked for a trade to the Bruins. Or asked his team not to play like a bag of shit for the first two months of the season.

Meatloaf was right… two out of three ain’t bad. The games against the Kings and Ducks were absolutely fantastic to watch. So many close chances on both ends, big hits, big saves and the need of new undies until you heard that sound of puck on pipe. 

The Bruins were diving in front of shots, throwing their bodies around and just basically doing what champions do. Turco looked pretty damn good too. There were some close calls, sure, but it certainly looks like the Bruins are rounding into playoff form after a VERY extended slump. We’ll see how they respond to a Tampa team that embarrassed them in their last meeting and a hot Capitals team this week. Get ’em Bruins!

After the jump….. a whole lot of awesome by the Bruins…..

– The return of DICK PEVERLEY!!!!!! We love Peverley. Under rated player. 

– Zanon scores another Murder. Death. Kill. Perry was his victim.

– Marty Turco’s plan to blind opposing shooters with his awesome, blinding pads.

Turco stole an old pair of Thomas’ pads apparently and channeled the Soul of Tim Thomas.

– While Thomas was taking a break on the bench, he talked to George Parros and decided to start a new club and quite frankly we support them. Where do we sign up?!!?

– Bruce Boudreau. We usually hate this loud mouth but the strength and courage it must take to hall his fat ass out of bed every day is really inspiring. Plus it was hilarious when he went nuts after Anaheim’s second goal was disallowed.

– Pouliot abusing Hiller like he was some common street walker after a one night stand.

And we have to give Pouliot credit… he took that vicious hit and knew it was coming, but he still got the puck up ice and that led to Rolston’s goal. Exactly the type of play that the Bruins just weren’t doing during their extended slump.

– Captain Chara. Scoring goals, making ridiculous passes, and putting on a defensive clinic. He was everywhere! It was like there were three Chara’s on the ice killing Ducks.

– Bruins complete and utter domination at the face-off dot.

– Shawn Thornton being his usual beastly self.

– Rolston is turning into a very under rated deadline pick up. Milbury probably would’ve signed him to a 34 year, $100 Billion deal after the game if they were both still with the Islanders.

We all know Jack Edwards says some crazy, hilarious things sometimes. In a new feature in DOY recaps, we will occasionally highlight some of the more unintentially hilarious things Jack says in what we call…

Tonight’s edition… after Chara hit Selanne…. “AND CHARA BANGS THE 41 YEAR OLD!”

– Ryan Getzlaf’s new sponsorship deal. Give it up man. Fake hair never looks good. Not even on a hockey player. It must’ve been awful to be the only bald kid in third grade though.

– Boudreau’s advice during the timeout after the Bruins went up 2-0.

Unreal dude.

– Selanne and his beautiful hands!

– Why you mad Boudreau?

Look, we admit the disallowed goal was a questionable call but your team ain’t making the playoffs anyway so go have yourself a friend Twinkie sandwich and sit the hell down before your butter filled heart explodes.

– No chance these two teams will meet again until next year.

– How many people in the general area will die when Bruce Boudreau’s heart inevitably explodes?

– Will the B’s be ready for Tampa and Washington after a long West Coast trip?

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