Bow down to King Thomas. BRUINS WIN.

What a game. Playoff like atmosphere in LA tonight. LOVED the back and forth action. We’re also going to love chirping the Royal Half. Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck it guys. Just kidding. We love you.

The duel between Thomas and Quick was fantastic, but Thomas showed that young whippernapper that to be the man you have to beat the man and Quick couldn’t beat the man. Neither could 40 of 42 shots. Bow down to the Kings you crazy LA Kings.

Also, Jon is old so screw this intro, he’s going to bed.

After the jump….. Thomas getting into playoff form, Bergeron and Marchand love f’ing up your shit and Chara reaches a milestone…..

– Congrats to Big Z on his 1000th NHL game. Damn impressive. Less than half his games have been with the Bruins. Remember when he played for the Islanders and Senators? Yeah, neither do we.

To commemorate this occasion, the Canadian government has restructured their currency to celebrate their favorite hockey player:

There will also be a special edition of Spike TV’s “hit” show 1000 Ways to Die:

– We absolutely loved Kopitar’s performance this past season on The Walking Dead!

– The emotion from Chris Kelly! Dude ate his Thornton O’s this morning!

– Seidenberg hit Doughty so hard that coins popped out.

– Great game by Marchand. Unbelievable short handed effort that resulted in Bergeron’s goal then he turned the knife a little more and scored on the empty net with less than a second left.

– Tim. F’ing. Thomas.

– According to Justin’s mom, lil Jonny Quick ain’t so hot in the bedroom.

– Concussions :( :( :(

– We actually like Jonathan Quick. Too bad his teammates hate him and can’t win even when he lets up 1 goal or less. Or when he let’s up a bunch to the Bruins.

– LA’s management. You want to win the Cup, so you trade for Mike Richards and Jeff Carter, two players who were a huge part of NOT bringing a Cup to Philly. Smooth.

– How the hell does Thomas not get one of the three stars?!


– How awesome would a seven game series between the Bruin and Kings be!?

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