Bruins vs. Caps Game 2 Live Chat Thread

Boston Bruins Washington Capitals
Usually we use Cover-It Live for our live chat sessions but people were complaining about lag issues. Happened to us, too, when 50 people type “SCORE!” all at once while we’re also trying to watch the game online. Bonkers.

So we’re going to steal how our buddies over at thePensBlog do it and just use the Live Fyre comment section. This way lag issues shouldn’t be as big of a deal, plus we won’t have to give people permission to leave comments without our approval.

If you’re looking for online feeds, get ‘em here.

Our game day preview is here

Have you seen our Boston Bruins/Game of Thrones Round 1 Playoff video?

Go Direbears. 

Go Bruins.



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