Cowardly Lions Can’t Beat Bears. BRUINS WIN!

You have no idea what you’ve done Washington. You took a cheap shot every time you could. No one on the bench talked to Alzner about his antics. And now you’ve brought the bear out of hibernation. Shitty officiating couldn’t save you. Each and every Bruin took numbers tonight. They won’t forget. The Bruins generally aren’t a team that need a reason to embarrass you. They just like to. But you gave them a reason. Your cowardly, poor brand of hockey pissed off the Bruins and now you’re going to pay.

Capitals fans keep bitching about how the Bruins are dirty. The only way the Capitals could have been any dirtier in Game 3 is if they dropped Macho Man elbow drops. Skilled teams that try to be dirty, whiny, cowardly little bitches don’t win Cups. Ask the Canucks. Ask any Canadiens team since ’93. Your “Captain” took a terrible, stupid, cowardly run at Peverley at the end of the game. He’s a piece of shit. He hit Peverley from behind and ran. Just like his buddy Backstrom. We thought that maybe a guy who was concussed on a cheap shot wouldn’t take cheap shots himself but Backstrom has been the king of those all series.

No team that has Alex Ovechkin as a captain will ever win a Stanley Cup. He is a selfish, sorry excuse for a player and a sorry excuse for a man and his cowardly leadership trickles down to the rest of the team and the Capitals antics were on full display.

And you know what? They still lost. They cheated at every opportunity. They attacked Bruins players from behind. They dove. They cried to the refs after every whistle to get a few extra penalties and you still walked off your home ice defeated. 

And now? You have to face an enraged Bruins team who want nothing more than to embarrass you. You will regret waking the bear Washington. You have no idea.

After the jump….. Caps and their fans call Bruins goons….. then goon it up…..

– Silly, silly Caps fans. You thought you were being clever. You thought you were getting in his head. What is that saying? “Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.” Apparently the Caps fans didn’t see what happened when Vancouver taunted Thomas. You asked for it bitches.

– It is an absolute crime that Seidenberg didn’t get the first star. He was EVERYWHERE. Laying down huge hits, making big plays, doing to the front of the net trying to produce offense. He may not have racked up the assists but Seidenberg was directly responsible for almost every goal. Seidenberg was the team. He is the fucking man. 


– Loved the effort by lil Danny Paille on his goal.

– We don’t care what people say. Old people DO have a use in today’s society!

Love the effort all around on that goal and Rolston just buries it.

– Seids and Chara hooking up for the game winning goal. Seidenberg is a machine. A Seiborg. SeidenBORG. Then Chara with an awesome slapper that got deflected past Overrated Holtby.

– Loving Pouliot’s play so far in the playoffs. B’s fans seem to have a love/hate relationship with Pooooooooooo but he has been bringing it through three games in the playoffs. Every shift we think he’s going to score.

– Boychuk with a strong effort. Eating pucks, throwing hits, breaking up players. DESTROYCHUK!

– LOVE Gord Kluzak verbally bitch slapping the ever clueless Dale Arnold. There is no point to Dale Arnold.


– Semin won the Oscar for Best Actor in “A Neutral Zone Dive”

– Nicklas Backstrom is a whiny, diving, cowardly piece of crap. Whines about getting hit then dishes out crosschecks left and right.

On an unrelated note, we heard Sweden is re-designing their flag. Here is a preview they released.

– Apparently the Bruins didn’t pay their bill because NStar shut off the power on the Bruins power play.

– We know stats are not always the best way to measure a player’s worth. There are ways a player can contribute that do not show up on the scoreboard. But the Bruins are not going to get very far unless they start getting some goals consistently from their top two lines. It is apparently easier to locate Bigfoot than the Bruins top line.

– Sleepy defense on Laich’s breakway goal. The guy practically made camp before anyone on the B’s noticed him. Terrible, especially so late in a game.

– Karl Alzner couldn’t possibly be a bigger piece of shit. He jumps Lucic from behind while Lucic is trying to fight Hendricks, then punches Lucic repeatedly from behind. Then he waits until the refs are between him and Lucic and taunts Looch with that stupid little crying gesture. Yeah Alzner… you’re a coward who attacked Lucic from behind and then refused to answer for it the rest of the game and Lucic is the baby? You are a piece of crap and you will get yours.

– The officiating was absolutely terrible. The ref was looking right at Chara when he got hit in the face with a stick and looked the other way then calls a very similar play against Seidenberg. And how the hell does Alzner not get any penalties for being the third man in during his attack on Lucic from behind? This is why games get out of hands. The refs are as much to blame as the players for what is happening so far in the playoffs.

Enjoy your last two days alive Alzner. 

– Chimera has also been exemplifying the cowardly strategy of the Capitals. Has no problem trying to hit people when refs are in the way but then runs away whenever a Bruin tries to go after him. This guy is terrible.

– Caps fans calling the Bruins goons after this game. Did any Bruin jump a guy from behind or hit a player in the berries with a stick? No? Case closed morons.

Fans of opposing teams like to say the only reason the Bruins won the Cup is because they are “goons.” Let’s play into this for a second. Ignore the playoff heroics of Horton, Chara, Bergeron, Krejci and Marchand, the shutdown defense, and the historic performance in goal by Timmy “Save By” Thomas. Did the Bruins cheap shot their way to a Cup? NO!

Fans confuse tough and physical with being cheap. The Bruins are a tough team. If you are whining because the Bruins beat up your team, how stupid does that make you look? If the Bruins are such bullies then tell your team to do something about it instead of crying like cowardly little bitches.

– Will the Capitals balls ever drop?

– How Alzner fled the country yet?

– How many pieces will Alzner end up in after Lucic is done with him?

– Do the Capitals and their fans realize the mistake they just made? 

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