We know nothing has been confirmed but we obviously have a huge man crush on Boychuk. We don’t care what the restraining order says. We know he loves us. Boychuk is a tough bastard. If he stayed down on the ice that long, you know it was bad. Don’t take the Boychuk from us hockey gods! If Boychuk is hurt…. THAT MEANS CORVO IN THE PLAYOFFS!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

We can’t even focus on an intro. PLEASE BE OKAY BOYCHUK!

After the jump….. meaningless game is meaningless and NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BOYCHUK…..

– Stone Cold Andrew Ference. James Neal was being kind of a bitch all night and Ference had enough. Maybe Ference didn’t win, but you gotta love the balls on Captain Planet.

– Lil Danny Paille being a one man wrecking crew.

– Tyler Seguin almost had about seven goals.

– TorontLOL Maple Leafs.

– Seidenberg had us convinced he was a superstar football player in Germany with that goal line stop he had behind Turco.

– Lucic has been a beast. Playoff Lucic leaking into the regular season.

– Dr. Mark Recchi graced us with his presence at the game!

– Got a little Captain in you?

– She apparently does.

– Pou-Pou-Pouliot. What a sweeeeeeeet back hand.

– Dick Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeverley!

– We got bored in DOY chat today and decided that we would start making hilariously random photoshops whenever an AHL player gets called up. Here’s a few.

– The crowd at the game. Are we Flyers fans now? Chanting “Crosby Sucks” while he’s got two goals and an assist and then cheering when an opposing player gets hurt? Really? REALLY?! Hey next time you’re on Twitter throwing around that stupid “classless” tag when you’re looking up clips of Montreal fans cheering injuries, just think back to this game and shut the hell up. Especially the guy wearing the Seguin jersey with the tags still on it. Did you get bored waiting for baseball season buddy? The Red Sox season opens Saturday. Go back to Fenway you pink hat and shut the fuck up.

– The guy in the row in front of us who said this: “Man, if Boychuk is done for the season he’s really done for the season.” Wow.

– The conversation Jon and Robb had. They are horrible, HORRIBLE people. HORRIBLE.

–  That terrible, awful call on Paille. How was that charging? Penguins player has the puck. Paille goes to hit said player while he has the puck. Apparently Paille making the bodies hit the floor with clean checks is a crime now.

– Letang’s acting job. We hate his dago mustache and his greasy hair.

– We love Seguin. Really, we do. But we don’t think he was the right choice for the 7th Player Award. The award is for a player who exceeds expectations. Seguin scoring 27 goals so far this season with two games to go wasn’t unexpected. We expected him to have the talent to be awesome and do that. We would’ve gone with Chris Kelly or Stone Cold Andrew Ference.

– Tyler Seguin almost had about seven goals.

– BOYCHUK! :( :( :( :( :(

– Anyone who is legitimately upset by this loss. The Bruins are locked into the #2 seed in the Eastern Conference. They cannot move up or down. Claude Julien thought this game was so important that he told Tim Thomas to go post on his Facebook instead of even dressing for the game. HE EVEN PLAYED JOE CORVO. Meaningless game is meaningless. 


– How many “almost” goals will Seguin have next game?

– Why is this picture so awesome?


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Jon loves Batman, The Joker, the Bruins and hates you. Especially you. He has a man crush on David Backes and hopes to someday be Mrs. Jon Boychuk.