February is Shutout History month. BRUINS LOSE.

Get the hell out of here February.

SHUT OUT. SHUT OUT. 0. 0. 0. 0. 0. 0.

What do the Bruins number of goals and Sabres number of Cups have in common? Zero.

Sami Salo has one more testicle than the Bruins had goals.

So does Phil Kessel.

Nice effort for an important game.

That was sarcasm.

After the jump….. more shut outs than you can shake a stick at…..

– For those of you who can’t seperate off ice issues from on ice performance and wanted Thomas traded at the deadline just watch this.

And this.

And this.

Then punch yourself in the face.

– Do any of the Bruins skaters try at all anymore other than Seguin, Bergeron and Shawn “Wayne” Thornton?

Look how sad they are! Sweet jebus. What a lazy bunch lately.

– Almost everything.

– Joe Corvo sucks. On Saturday Kyle Turris was a big old bully and took a flying leap at Corvo.

After the game, Corvo swore he was going to make Turris pay. Instead he tried to be his best buddy.

Look, we weren’t looking for some sort of Bertuzzi-Moore incident but at least throw a hit when you have Turris lined up Corvo. Lucic did it. Thornton did it. How freaking weak are you man?

– The Bruins offense. What offense you say? Exactly!

– The Bruins effort.

– The Bruins effort.



– Drug addicted high school drop outs give more effort than the Bruins lately. What the hell?

– We got shut out in this recap.

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