Game 78: Bruins vs. Islanders — Boston can win the NE today

I made an awesome preview and then Joomla ate it ’cause Joomla is a fucking bitch. This preview now sucks.

Here’s what you need to know: Bruins can clinch the Northeast Division tonight with a win or a Senators loss to Philly. Bruins clinched a playoff spot last night. In short, Bruins need two points in their final five games to win the division.

Turco might start. We think it’s ’cause he did this to Timmy.

Rask started working out more off ice and is hoping to get a game in before the season ends. We’ll see. Dark Seids also hopes to return to the line up this weekend. And there’s rumors that Krug might see some ice time this weekend. Better than Corvo.

You can find online feeds for the game here.

The playoffs are just around the corner. Pick up a Bruins World Order t-shirt today and be sure you’ll get it in time for the playoffs.

Time to Go! 


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