Games that are uglier than your prom date. BRUINS WIN.

A win is a win. The two points were great. But wow was that game ugly. Not Scott Hartnell ugly, but close. It was about as ugly as some dude with gross red hair taking cheap shots then turtling when it is time to answer for it.

The defense played so poorly that even Columbus probably could have put up 5 goals. B’s are still in their mid season slump but we won’t complain about a win, especially against those idiots from Philly. 

Two games in two nights, two overtimes. B’s need some sleep.

After the jump….. Horton is down, Hartnell is still a coward and Philly still sucks…..

– The way this team still always sticks up for each other. You mess with one of the Bruins you get your face punched in. Simple logic. Good logic. Philly fans love a good fight. They got to see three of their players get their asses kicked today. Suck it Philly.

– Bergeron. No words needed. Bergeron is just a synonym for awesome.

– Seguin is the man. Nabbed another two points and the shootout winning goal to give the Bruins that extra point. The kid has GAME!

– Not only is Seguin the man, but he’s a FINISHER!

– Lucic absolutely abused the Philly defense and schooled Bryzgalov on his goal. The bWo was in full effect.

– Krejci with the sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet hands. Sure, his shoot out goal was awesome. But how’s about that tip in, redirection goal?

– What a play and monstrous effort by Paille and Campbell when they hooked up for a goal. It was ridiculous. Paille made that incredible wrap around effort and Campbell finished that pass Shawn Thornton style.

– That the Bruins played like ass and still won.

– Philly fans chirping us on Twitter because Kelly fought Schenn without taking his visor off.

– Kampfer buddy…. we like you. We do. Really. But you have to keep your head up man. Seriously. Keep your head up.

– Every Philly fan who thought Ilya Bryzgalov was actually going to be the answer to their goaltending problem and lead them to a Stanley Cup. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

– The ever cowardly Scott Hartnell. Even his family hates him.

– That hit on Horton. Hopefully he is okay. At least Lucic punched some sense into that idiot’s Sestito’s face.

– How long will Horton be out? :(

– When will the B’s remember how to play team defense again?

– Will anyone in Philadelphia ever acheive anything more than a middle school education? 

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