Hide the milk crates and find a helmet. BRUINS LOSE.

What a let down. Great, great game with an awful, awful ending.

For most of the game the Bruins out played and out husseled the Rangers. New York came in with some swagger and the Bruins quickly took that away. Both teams missed chances as Rask and Lundqvist tried to out do each other. The Bruins had their chances to win. The Rangers, as good teams do, pounced on a few costly mistakes.

We’re hearing a lot of “what if” scenarios since the game ended. What if Krejci hits that open net? What if Peverley shoots instead of passing to Marchand? What if Ference didn’t take that penalty in OT? Doesn’t matter. The end result was that the Rangers strolled into TD Garden and left with a big win, first place in the Eastern Conference but more importantly for them a truck load of confidence. There is no what if.

Whatever though. Bruins meet the Rangers three more times in the regular season. The Rangers can have first place in the Eastern Conference. That is about as useful as the Canucks Presidents Trophy banner. If the B’s and Rangers met in the playoffs we’d still bet Justin’s dog that the Bruins would win.

The bigger story from the game is Ference going from hero to “goat” with his OT hit.

The Bruins are goons, the Bruins are dirty, blah blah blah blah blah blah we don’t care. Suck our collective ass. bWo for life.

After the jump….. Thornton proves Vancouver media wrong again, defensemen provide the offense and Ference is in trouble…..

– Mike Rupp is listed as 6’5″, 230 pounds. Shawn Thornton is listed as 6’2″, 217 pounds. By Vancouver media logic Thornton shouldn’t fight people who are that much bigger.

Therefore, by Vancouver media logic, Thornton is way more man than anyone in Vancouver. Thanks for playing. Oh, and for those of you saying fighting has no place in hockey….. what happened about 40 seconds after Thornton dropped the gloves? Did you notice a little energy boost on the B’s bench?

– Couple of nice goals by Ference and McQuaid. The Bruins forwards were quiet so two of the bWo Defenders stepped up.

Bruins always seem to have someone new stepping up this season. Though Ference might need a different kind of defender when the NHL calls.

– Always good to see Marc Savard. We’re also glad he wasn’t wearing any Ed Hardy shirts. He’s making progress.

– Chara absolutely nailing Gaborik in OT.

He should’ve done it again when there was three seconds left.

– Dennis Seidenberg is a shot blocking machine. The Germanator finished with seven on the night. 

– Other teams and fans always complain about how the bWo is full of big bad bullies but you won’t find more gentlemanly fighters. Thornton, Campbell and Paille like to square off and let their opponents get set first. Classy guys. Very classy.

– Rask deserved better than this. Especially that flurry near the end of OT when Rask made those fantastic leg saves before Gaborik tapped it in. Bad defense. NO! Go to your room.


– No body will fight McQuaid anymore. They take one look at him then skate away and go after someone smaller. McQuaid’s blood lust must be quenched!

– That awful, awful clear by Chara. 

– We definitely don’t think there was any intent with that Ference hit but in OT of a tight game against your biggest competition in your Conference you really have to be more careful than that buddy. There was no good that could’ve come from the hit. Hard to tell if Ference could’ve stopped. Either way, dangerous hit that likely cost the Bruins the game.

– Fedotenko. Pansy doesn’t even deserve a funny photoshop.

– When will the next DOY shameless plug be?

– Have you pre-ordered your bWo shirt yet?!?!

– Wow, that didn’t take long did it?

– How long will Ference be exiled for his hit?

– Is Chiarelli just a chubbier John Malkovich?

– Is it true that the police chief from Inspector Gadget was actually Dr. Claw?

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