Leafs fail defense? That unpossible! BRUINS WIN.

Well… our dear Bruins almost blew it again, but this time it was against a shitty, shitty Leafs team.

But they didn’t! Every time the Leafs struck them down, the Bruins rose up and bitch slapped them. They rode the backs of Chara, Caron and Seguin and moved to 5-0-0 against the Leafs this season.

This was another “ugly” game. Tim Thomas would probably love to have a couple of those goals back. The defense is probably scared Thomas is going to cut them in their sleep because of their miscues on the other goals. Julien probably wants to slap half of them.

But this was a confidence building win. The Bruins didn’t roll over and die. They realized how good they were at exploiting Toronto’s defensive weakness and went for the throat. For the first time in a while we some that spark in their eyes. We some a glimpse of the bWo again.

Don’t give us that “who cares it was against Toronto” shit. Good teams are supposed to crush shitty teams and the Bruins haven’t been doing that regularly. For the first time in a while they got some semi-balanced scoring.

Huge boost for a HUGE game against Buffalo on Thursday. Buckle in boys and girls because it is about to get wild around here.

After the jump….. Bruins young guns step, Leafs get their faces beat in and Chara busts out of his slump with force…..

– What a week Caron is having. The kid seems to be hitting his groove. You can see the confidence oozing out of him like jelly oozes out of Bruce Boudreau. He absolutely ABUSED Toronto’s defense last night. He had more points last night than Zach Hamill has in his entire life. Suck it Hamill supporters.

– How much of a beast has Tyler Seguin been lately? We all knew about his scoring touch and insane passing ability and that was on full display again last night after he notched another two goals. But he’s been stealing pucks and causing turnovers like a mother ucka. So let us get this straight… Seguin is getting stronger on offense AND developing a defensive aspect to his game? Keep hanging out with Bergy lil buddy. It is doing wonders for you.

– Chara stepped up huge as Captain. He knows the Bruins should’ve had that game against the Rangers. They should’ve had a lot of the games they lost recently. Mired in a slump himself, the Captain put the team on his back like Atlas and went into Beast Mode. He was dishing out hits, making plays, getting shots to the net, banging opposing players wives. Welcome back Big Z.

– Greg Zanon is still getting used to the B’s system but on the plus side he is MURDERING people with his hits. Love it.

– We wish Krejci felt like playing all the time. He’s been magical lately.

– Seidenberg telling McQuaid no and punching that bird beaked wuss Colby Armstrong into next week. “And Armstrong heads to the locker room leaving a trail of blood!” Don’t mess with the Dark Seid-enberg!

– Johnny Boychuk. Don’t even need to explain. He was eating pucks for dinner last night then asking for more.

– This headline by the National Post

– Is Jonas Gustavsson nicknamed “the Monster” because of his monterously large GAA?

– Toronto’s defense. HA HA.

– Timmy needs to find his game. Maybe he’s hurt. Maybe he’s tired. Maybe the Jebus visited him and requested that Thomas not show him up so often and be less often. We don’t know the answer. We just want to see something resembling last year’s Thomas again. Don’t worry though Timmy we still love you and your whacky posts.

– Hey NESN… Dale Arnold is annoying enough. Then you subject us to the same three shitty commercials over and over and over again? I’m sure Budweiser and Popeye’s would be happy to run some ads on that station that carries the Red Sox.

– Stupid injury bug. Starting to look like the Bruins are filling an episode of M.A.S.H.

– What the schmuck was with that Penalty Kill last night Bruins? It is called PENALTY KILL not HEY TORONTO SCORE SOME FREE GOALS TIME.

– B’s have been consistently inconsistent. Can they rise to the challenge of a huge, huge game Thursday against the cowardly, over rated, hated Sabres of the City That Never Wins?

Will Turco ckear waivers?

– When will Zanon get his first Murder.Death. Kill?

– Will Jon make it back from Canada or will Vancouver fans travel to Toronto to make good on their promise to kill him?

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