No Berg. No Chara. No Thomas. No problem. BRUINS WIN!

Bruins hit the Easy Button on that one. Staples would be proud. Remember all those  Senators fans running around Twitter and chirping and say how bad they wanted the Bruins in the playoffs?

The Bruins three best players didn’t play in this game. All of Ottawa’s best players did. The Bruins won. Oh Ottawa. You so silly. Silly gooses. Funny, they were all quiet on Twitter tonight.

We hope the Bruins see the Senators in the playoffs too. We love watching the dreams of a province get shattered.

After the jump….. this is why Ottawa will be one and done…..

– Nice debut for Anton Khudobin. Kid looked like he had a little Tim Thomas in him. If Khudobin is anywhere near that good for his career, we’re having a long talk with our wife if we’re Anton’s dad. Fantastic performance by Anton. Just awesome.

– A LOT of good things on the B’s first goal. Caron digging along the boards and taking the hit to make the pass to Pouliot. Pouliot dishing to Rolston and Rolston giving Pouliot a sweeeeeeeet pass back and Pouliot tap-tap-tapping it in. Really good effort all around on that goal.

– Greg Zanon’s first goal as a Bruin! Nice job buddy! We’d also like to thank Turris and Karlsson for being awful and hating corner battles. Plus the dude blocked a shot with his face and didn’t even care.

– Caron absolutely blasting that buffoon Carkner. Carkner sucks. Talentless buffoon.

– Congrats to Krug on his first NHL point!

– Lucic is clutch. Karlsson is not. Loved Lucic going all bWo and landing the death blow on the Senators.

– Ference has no fear. He doesn’t care that the talentless punk ass Matt Carkner is bigger than him. He takes a cheap shot at Rolston and Ference runs over and tries to give him the Captain Planet Stunner.

– BuffaLOL.

– People who think Eric Karlsson should win the Norris even though he can’t, you know, play defense. Reminds us of that time a few years ago when people were made Mike Green didn’t win the Norris. Bergeron, Chara, Thomas… what do you guys think?


– Kuba. Even Scott Gomez could deke around Kuba.

– Matt Carkner is the load his mother should’ve swallowed.

– Adam McQuaid might be hurt again. :( :( :(


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