Not ready for hibernation. BRUINS WIN.

There were bad omens from the start. The Bruins were getting outworked and out hustled. The hockey gods sent their Post army to try to derail the defending champions. Our dear Bruins weren’t playing with the desperation one would expect in a win or go home game. 

Thomas gave up a softie. Chara was afraid to shoot on an open net. Bergeron’s awesome tip hit iron. Fans all around New England were pulling their hair out and playing Russian roulette to see if that was less scary than watching the Bruins power play.

When Ovechkin got that game tying goal late in the third you felt like someone punched your grandmother and then pissed on your dog. It was just awful. The Bruins just looked tired. 

When Pierre McGuire and the NBC staff didn’t have Oveckin’s overrated balls in their mouths, they were talking about how much Tyler Seguin was struggling to get on the score sheet and when he’d finally break the seal. The kid certainly picked a great time to get his first goal of these playoffs.

The B’s are coming home Wednesday for Game Seven. Horton isn’t riding in on his clutch horse. Who’s going to step up in the type of do or die situation the Bruins got used to last postseason?

After the jump….. we’re still pooping our pants…..

- Patrice “Please Elbow Me in the Face. No Really, It is No Problem” Bergeron with a nice faceoff steal from the wing and Dick Peverley with the HUGE first goal. HUGE. B’s finally get a bounce. Huge effort all around.

- Huge pass block by Boychuk in the first! HUGE! Bruce Boudreau huge. That was a dangerous two on one.


- Bergeron leading by example AGAIN. He’s obviously hurt (took a few blows to the head last game and isn’t taking faceoffs) but he was still on the ice giving everything he had because he knows what is on the line. Bergeron is a warrior.

- Chara getting his nose chopped off by Ovierated and still playing like a beast.

- Terrible turnover late in the second by Boychuk but Thomas gave him a bail out.

- Semin turnover and fantastic hustle by Seguin to get up the ice. Lucic and Krejci miss Seguin’s rebound by Captain Planet is there to pick up the trash!

Caps fans sit there and thump their Ovechkin Bibles and say their Cup prayers and it doesn’t get them anywhere. They talk about their useless division titles and quote Backstrom 3:16. Well Ference 3:16 says “I JUST WHOOPED YOUR ASS!”

- Seguin was having a good game despite struggling to get a goal. He was stealing the puck, making sweet passes and even threw a hit or two. The desire was there but the results he wanted eluded him. Until this. There are no words for how excited we still are.

Thanks for the assist Semin!

- BREAKING NEWS: Washington Capitals have signed The Post to be their back up goalie. More Details to come.

- We just got the new release from the FBI for their Top Five Most Wanted Offensive. If you have seen these men please call immediately. NOTE: Tyler Seguin has been found and we have a good idea on where David Krejci may be!

- For every good bounce the B’s get, they seem to get 100 bad ones. That Mike Green shot that banked in off Zanon was a bit crushing. Don’t even think Thomas saw it.

- Why is it that the refs call the whistle right away when Holtby covers the puck but they let the Caps abuse Thomas for about eight minutes when he has the puck covered? You’re only making him angry.

- “Washington wanted an interference penalty on Bergeron at the blue line at that goal but they’re not going to get it.” Yeah, and the Bruins wanted penalties called when Bergeron was getting his head abused last game but they didn’t get that as much as they should have did they?

- Wasn’t tell hunter complaining about “head hunting”? He seemed awfully quiet after the elbows to Bergy’s head.

- Dammit Marchand. Quit playing like you’re on Vancouver. No respect for that shit. Yeah, there should have been an interference call on Washington and you should have received an Unsportsman Like Play penalty but you staying down was a direct result of Washington’s goal.

- Capitals fans were upset that there was no Delay of Game penalty when the Bruins sent the puck over the glass at center ice. Learn the rules of the games lil Cappies.

- Pouliot and his dumb, dumb penalties.

- Tim Thomas looked like a two dollar whore on that Ovechkin game tying goal. Sure Peverley lost the faceoff but Thomas’ five hole was giant. B’s really missed Bergeron at the faceoff dot tonight.


- Chara having that open net in OT and taking waaaaaaaaaaaaay too long to shoot. Big time missed opportunity there. Good thing Seguin bailed you out buddy.

- How awful are Monday and Tuesday going to be while we wait for Game 7?

- Why are Rangers fans surprised they are down 3-2 to the Senators? Rangers hate playoff wins!

- Is anyone staying with the Pensblog to make sure they are okay? We hope CBlog is okay. :-/ 

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