One Year Ago Today…

At this time last year I was sitting in the same seat that I’m sitting in now. Instead of wearing a black t-shirt, I was wearing my Tuukka Rask Winter Classic jersey. Instead of wearing my 2011 Stanley Cup Champions hat that I think I’ve worn for 365 days straight, I wore a black Bruins hat. Instead of a neatly trimmed goatee, I had a mammoth beard the color of the sun. Instead of calmly typing a blog post, I was nervously telling the people of Boston to party like champions tonight, win or lose. 

It’s incredible to think about what can happen in a year.

Today at 4:30, I’ll be going to pick up my 10 month old daughter. Last year at 4:30, I was on my way to Boston to meet up with Justin, Pizz and Jon.

At 10:30 tonight I’ll be a couple beers deep and probably chainsawing Locust in half. Last year at 10:30, I was in Boston Beer Works on the edge of my seat as the clock ticked down to zeros and the Boston Bruins were crowned 2011 Stanley Cup Champions.

People poured into the streets of Boston, exchanging high fives and hugs like we’ve all been friends since Kindergarten. Blown-up Stanley Cups were passed around like a meek person in a prison system. Cops were chilling while the crowd in Boston sang and celebrated. The bandwagon and the long-timers were mixed together like a fine alcoholic concoction and we all drank it in. It didn’t matter if you followed the Bruins for one day, one year or twenty years…you were part of the brotherhood in that instance. 

39 years between Stanley Cups. For the lucky ones, their wait was shorter due to age but in the end everyone got what they wanted. Everyone became a champion. 

From that point on, it was a party. The Cup made its way around New England and you all told us how special it was for you. 

June 15, 2011. The night that the Boston Bruins became more then just a lovable hockey team. 

June 15, 2011. The night that the Boston Bruins became immortal. 

Your 2011 Boston Bruins. Champions. Forever

stanley cup pohoto