Overtime means free hats! BRUINS WIN.

The Bruins hate the show 60 Minutes because apparently that is just way too much time to spend doing something. But you know what? They showed some heart tonight. They blew a 2-0 lead and watched as the Devils scored three unanswered goals and then came back to win. It was awesome.

Julien had a trick up his sleeve tonight. Goals have been hard to come by. Multiple players have been slumping or mired in droughts so the master brought out his chemistry kit again and put Lucic, Krejci and Seguin together. Then magic happened.

That line abused the Devils. It wasn’t all perfect but holy crap. They were destroying people. Krejci got a hat trick. Lucic might have killed a man. Seguin was a beast.

Tyler Seguin is having some ups and downs in his sophomore year but he’s developing into the type of player who makes his linemates better. Kid is going to be a beast very, very soon.

And if this game was a playoff preview… bring it on. What a game. Back and forth action. Some nasty exchanges. Really fun to watch. You know, when the Bruins weren’t slacking and letting the Devils score three goals in a row.

After the jump….. Lucic, Krejci and Seguin are wanted for assault…

– Claude Julien. For this:

– Tim Thomas got a helper!

– Stick tap to both Thornton and Boulton. What a bout. Sweet zombie jebus.

– Nice debut for Greg Zanon. He was blocking shots and throwing hits left and right.

Plus he looks like an axe murderer and lived up to the billing.

– Zach Parise is awesome. Really, really awesome. We love Zach Parise.

– Brad Marchand’s broken heart…..

– Giving up three unanswered goals and almost blowing another game.

– Joe Corvo. 

– Joe Corvo.

– And Joe Corvo.

– Claude Julien if he doesn’t bench Joe Corvo on Saturday.

– Would a judge convict us if we hit Joe Corvo repeatedly in the face with a crowbar?

– Was Joe Corvo ever good?

– Does anyone like Joe Corvo?

– If you answered yes, do you have severe brain damage? 

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