Panther Taming. BRUINS WIN.

When the bWo was laying waste to the league they weren’t just winning with their skill and brute force. They had some swagger, an air of unmatched confidence. They didn’t just want to beat you, they wanted to embarrass you.

That has been missing the past few games. Suddenly, for whatever reason, they seem vulnerable. They’re missing shots they were making all season. The defense suddenly decided that being impenetrable wasn’t cool anymore. Rask and Thomas…well, they’ve still been awesome. But something has been missing. In Florida on Monday night, one man tried to shock the Bruins system and get them back to that dominating frame of mind. 

Bergeron was just an absolute beast. Two goals and a shootout tally to keep the Bruins in the game. Ridiculous. Bergeron and Rask probably won’t pay for drinks for a month because they saved the Bruins collective ass last night.

It is hard to be mad at the Bruins for their sub par play lately. No matter how good a team is winning 20 out of every 24 games just isn’t sustainable over an 82 game regular season. There are going to be peaks and valleys. The Bruins just climbed Mount Everest and now they’re in a bit of a valley. We remain unconcerned.

After the jump….. Rask is awesome, Bergeron is awesome and a photo shop that just might burn your eyes…..

– First and foremost the almighty Bergeron. People call us bias because we’re Bruins fans but how can you deny that Bergeron is one of, if not the, most under rated players in the league? Offensive skills, defensive skills and he knows when he team needs him most and he ALWAYS rises to the occassion.

It isn’t just his rugged good looks that make him a Boston fan favorite. It is his tenacity, his refusal to give up and his love for putting everything on the line for his teammates. Bergeron gave the Bruins exactly what they needed last night. Hopefully the team responds.

– Speaking of guys like Bergeron who are ridiculous skilled… how about that Tyler Seguin. His work and passes to sent up those Bergeron goals were fantastic. We know the team and a lot of fans want to see Seguin at center, but the idea of potentially seeing a Seguin-Bergeron-Marchand line for the next 5-10 years just makes us all tingly in the pants. Seguin is a freaking ninja assassin on the ice.

Scary thing about all of this? Seguin, Marchand and Bergeron will likely get even better.

– We liked what we saw out of Caron last night. TONS of effort, great use of his size to protect the puck or steal the puck and a couple of nice hits. If he can find consistency he’ll probably find a permanent place on this roster. AT LEAST UNTIL THE BRUINS TRADE FOR PARISE AND MALKIN AT THE TRADE DEADLINE!!!!! (<——actual scenario proposed on HF Boards).

– We hate to admit we like something that the Panthers did but we loved that they played the old west theme music before each shooter in the shootout. On Florida you’re so whacky!

– Rask apparently spent the summer watching Tim Thomas highlights. We can’t even remember the last time Rask lost a game. Rumor is it was the summer of 1987. Can anyone confirm this for us? Rask is playing his balls off.

– Chris Kelly was an absolute penalty killing machine last night, especially in overtime. What a pick up he’s been. Seriously. He continues to prove why his teammates wanted him to have that A on his jersey.

– Jon for working all night and not having time to finish the recap. It is noon Jon! NOON!

– That naughty Brad Marchand. Look what he has been up to while he’s been suspended.

– Stephen Weiss for undressing Rask in the shootout. No means no Stephen. NO MEANS NO!

– When will Jon get his Recap game back and start annoying opposing fan bases again?

– Where the hell is Patrice Purrgeron?

– How much wood would a whoochuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

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