RECAP: Bruins outplay & outdumb Capitals. Bruins lose.

Bruins pretty much dominated most of that game. They had a lot more quality scoring chances but either couldn’t bury it or Vokoun would come up with some miraculous save. It was pretty unreal. Yet despite all those good offensive looks the Bruins still came out with a loss. Almost everytime they made a dumb goof the Capitals were able to jump on it. Add on some questionable reffing (only a couple) and the Bs just weren’t able to overcome the dumb.

We were also surprised to see Timmy play in his eight straight game. We really thought Julien would’ve thrown Turco at the Caps and rest Timmy for the Penguins. That obviously didn’t happen. Makes you wonder what the hell is going to happen today.

All good things must come to an end, as they say, and that good two game winning streak by Boston is now over. 

Highlights from yesterday:

After the jump…. the good, the bad and the lingering questions….

– Bruins had a ton of great offensive chances. Gotta like it when the team is starting to click in the offensive zone.

– The Bruins ability to battle back from a 2-0 deficit.

– Johnny Fucking Boychuk is on a goddamn tear. He’s stealing souls and scoring goals. He’s been playing a lot better since signing that contract everyone was shitting themselves over.

– Jordan Caron has like 50 millions points in 4 games. What a beast. Kid is finally beginning to look like he did at the start of the 2010-2011 season.

– This hit by Zdeno Chara

– Bruins had a ton of great offensive chances. Gotta hate it when the team has that many chances and still loses.

– David Krejci. Couldn’t bury his feet in the sand if his life depended on it yesterday. And his Unsportsmanlike Penalty was just awful to take. SUre it was probably a bad offsides call but it’s not worth going to the box for two minutes. Bad penalty to take.

– That roughing call on Zanon. Not even sure what the reff saw because it looked like a nice open ice hit just as the skater was dishing the puck into the zone. Bad call and it leads to the game winning goal.

– Tim Thomas. He hasn’t looked awful but he hasn’t looked Timmy-like. He says he’s not tired but who would admit to that? Timmy’s too proud to say he’s tired. Sadly February and March schedule is brutal. Bs need Timmy to be god-like again to get them out of this funk.

– Benoit Poo-Poo Pouliot. He didn’t tell the coaching and medical staff how bad his injury was until just a few minutes before the game started meaning there was no time to call up an emergency forward. Selfish act by Pouliot during a time when no one on that roster can afford to be selfish.

– Will we see Turco Time today? Timmy, will you ever get a day off to rest?

– Can the Bruins win three out of four games?

– What the fuck is with all these back-to-back games?

– How many hookers have given Jon anal since he showed up in Toronto?


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