Start spreading the booze. BRUINS WIN!

The Rangers have been so far in the Bruins head this season that Claude Julien sent Leonardo Decaprio in to help get them out.

Before last night the Bruins were 0-3 against the Rangers this season, giving the Rangers a HUGE mental edge should the teams happen to meet in the playoffs at any point.

It is like the Bruins try too hard against the Rangers. They’re like some high school virgin who’s about to lose his virginity and wants to be awesome his first time so he gets a bunch of tips from his friends who lied about having sex before. Instead of just being thankful someone actually wants to sleep with him, the kid tries to get fancy and does these moves he shouldn’t be doing and before he knows it his dong ends up in her butt and she’s suddenly out the door while he’s putting an ice pack on his eye.

Just keep it simple kid.

That is what the Bruins did last night. Even after the Rangers scored first they kept their cool and played their game and grabbed a much needed win against the Rangers. The B’s sent a bit of a message to the Rangers as Timmy “God” Thomas showed the Rangers what happens when he morphs into playoff form.

After the jump….. Bruins-Rangers IV was another epic battle…..

– Patrice Bergeron. The Execellence of Execution. Face off beast. Scoring timely goals again. MVP! MVP! MVP!

– The German stud Dennis Seidenberg and his BLAST that put the Bruins back into things. Clutch.

– Watching another EPIC goalie duel between Thomas and Lundqvist.

– Thomas WINNING yet another epic goalie duel because he is the God of Goalies.


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– Nice to see Marchand and Seguin helping out Bergeron again. Marchand and Seguin have been invisible this year against the Rangers but that line was directly responsbile for both goals. Playoff form bitches.

– Unlike the Rangers, no player who has ever played for the Bruins has molested small children. Friggin’ perverts.

– The earliest the Bruins and Rangers could meet in the playoffs is the Eastern Conference Finals. If both of them make it there, the DOY staff is buying stock in adult diapers. With the way these two teams play each other and how close their games usually are, there is no way every Bruins and Rangers fan wouldn’t be shitting their pants every other day until the end of the series.

– Does Brian Boyle realize that either Thornton or Chara would end his line before he even had the chance to piss his pants? What a moron. Who cares if he’s bigger than Thornton. Thornton would end him if Chara didn’t punch Boyle’s face into oblivion first.

– Who will the Bruins abuse in the first round of the playoffs?

– How massive will Greg’s glorious playoff beard get this year?

– How awesome will the DOY Buffalo post be if the Sabres don’t make the playoffs?

– If the Canucks want to win in the playoffs, why have they decided to go with Luongo over Schneider?

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