That’s What She Said: ECQF Game 3 Edition

Welcome to “That’s What She Said” where we look at all the enemy chatter re: the Bruins. Since it’s about enemy chatter, expect there to be a lot of bitching and moaning about Lucic being a goon or Brad Marchand being a diver. Today we’ll crawl through some terrible Washington Capitals blogs and pull out the best of the idiocy. Let’s start with Russian Machine Never Breaks:   

These bursts of temper saw Lucic collecting 8 PIMs by the end of the night, though– puzzlingly- the refs seemed to think that it was always necessary to tack a Washington penalty on top, perhaps so Lucic wouldn’t get so lonely in the box. The refs have seen this behavior — he’s acting out for attention– and should know better.

This is actually pretty funny. Ana here states that Lucic was acting out for attention, though surprisingly she has no problem with Alzner playing third man in. In fact, she’s so upset about Lucic that she doesn’t mention that based on NHL rules, Alzner should’ve received a penalty for being the third man in. But of course, that’s okay when someone like Lucic is “acting out for attention” but not Alzner, how makes a crybaby reference. 

Here’s the video from NESN. Fast forward to 11:59.

The whole thing started with a cross check from Wideman. With the puck securely in Holtby’s chest, Wideman decides to cross check Lucic, which pisses Lucic off. Due to the fact that Wideman couldn’t knock out a baby, Hendricks jumps to his defense and him and Lucic go at it. While the ref is trying to break the two of them up, Alzner grabs Lucic from behind and starts taking shots at him. How is this ok? It’s not, but of course Ana and the rest of the “machine” will never atone for this. It’s an okay play in their book, unless the Bruins did it and then they’d want blood.  

Jasper’s Rink also jumped in regarding Lucic: 

Early in the game the Bruins attempted to be extra physical with the Caps. At some point they stopped and then, in the third period, they ramped it back up, with Milan Lucic giving a course on how to take advantage of weak-willed refs by being extra dirty. But, folks, that’s hockey, and although he put his team down a penalty, it got Boston a coveted 4-on-4 which they cashed in for the GWG.

I guess I missed that “extra dirty” hit by Lucic. Nothing about Alzner. Nothing about Backstrom’s match penalty and cross check to Rich Peverley after the game ended. Nope, just Lucic being dirty because Wideman cross checked him for no damn reason. 

We’re not done with Jasper and his shitty rink either. Here he complains about the referees: 

Can’t say that Caps fans don’t have a right to complain about the refereeing. Jason Chimera gets cross-checked on the breakout, no penalty. Nick Backstrom cross-checks Brad Marchand, penalty. The consistency was lacking all night. John Carlson gets his stick broken in half as he is almost off on a breakaway. All we ask of the refs is that they STAY CONSISTENT. They didn’t do that tonight.

Actually, I agree, for the most part. I agree that there were a ton of blown calls, but apparently Kareem didn’t see all the stuff that’s been missed on behalf of his Capitals. The high stick to Chara (you know, the biggest guy out on the ice), the aforementioned third man in by Alzner, Holtby throwing his stick. There’s three missed calls (one that should have resulted in a penalty shot) that could have turned the tide of the game. 

If it’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that the consistency from last night’s game wasn’t there. In the previous two tilts the referee’s weren’t that bad. Yes, they missed a few calls but it wasn’t anything like last night. Last night was brutal.