The Tortoise and the Bear. BRUINS WIN!

Before the game, Canadiens brass admitted the Bruins are just physical, not dirty. It was the first smart thing to come out of Montreal since… well, ever. But their idiot fans disagreed. They always cry about how the Bruins are big bad goons and disrespect the game of hockey.

We, and all Bruins fans, always show millions of examples of Canadiens cheap shots, dives, fake injuries, Hall Pass viewings, etc throughout history and point out that while skilled, Maurice Richard was one of the dirtiest players to ever hit the ice. They always come up with some lame excuse about how we don’t know what we’re talking about.

After last night they seem quiet.

Not only did the Bruins beat Montreal for the third time in a row this season but once again PK Subban showed the world what he really is. A no talent punk who is cowardly and weak and definitely not above head shots.

Then the Canadiens, in a bush league move, had Cammalleri start the game only to remove him when they traded him DURING THE GAME. They traded him for a package that includes infamous head shot artist Rene Bourque.

Did the Canadiens trade for Bourque so he can head shot whoever goes after PK when he dishes out another head shot and then turtles? If the Bruins are goons and the Canadiens now have Ole Head Shot Bourque and The Human Turtle Subban, what does that make the Canadiens? Where does that leave them? Oh, we know. Right here:

After the jump……. Montreal is the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked……

– Jordan Caron notching a goal. Look, we know he hasn’t played his best this season when givent he opportunity and he knows I-95 better than anyone by this point. And sure Carey Price served up that goal on a silver platter.

But a goal like that in your first game in awhile can build confidence. Everyone needs to step, including Caron, while Marchand is out so hopefully this gets the kid going.

– Andrew Ference. Did you see how quickly he went from hippy earthy dude to absolute animal when he saw Subban elbow Krejci? He was like a Lion trying to get to his prey. The refs had trouble holding him back. Then, in a CLASSIC move, Ference mocked the cowardly Subban as the refs dragged him away.

First the finger, now this? Oh Andrew Ference. You are a Montreal LEGEND!

– Tim Thomas with another PHENOMINAL game. 33 saves on 34 shots to keep his boys ahead in a low scoring game. There is no goalie better than Tim Thomas. We’re not even debating this. Thomas could probably play for the Blue Jackets and sneak them into the playoffs.

– This guy. Who don’t know his name or where this picture came from but it is awesome.

– This guy too. Again, we don’t know his name. If you know either of these guys let us know. We’d love to give them credit.

What a classic burn. The fans were really on their game last night.

– Andrew Ference’s new charity. Ference has created a new soup and 100% of the proceeds will go towards preserving endangered turtle habitats.

– Johnny Boychuk. Look at his evil, soul eating face. Cammalleri didn’t really leave the game because he was traded. That was a rumor. Boychuk broke his soul and Montreal rushed to trade Cammalleri before other teams fount out about it (picture courtesy of DaBoych):

– The Montreal fan base. Do we really need to explain it? Maybe in French.

– This cowardly moron:

– If that buffoon Alain Vagnault sad Marchand is eventually going to “get in” then what about this guy? Montreal fans are pretending he didn’t do anything and like Vancouver they are okay when their players do this stuff to other teams but not okay when it happens to them.

The worst part is how he refuses, REFUSES, to answer for his cheap shots. He is a coward of the highest order.

Typical Habs player. One day Thornton will get him. One day. The tortoise can’t hide from the bear forever.

– Who will Montreal force to play then trade at intermission net?

– When will their fan base stop being whiny little pansies?

– When will PK Subban realize his mother is ashamed because she raised the Cowardly Lion?

– When will the US government finally dedicate a holiday to Tim Thomas?

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