This recap doesn’t speak French. BRUINS WIN!

It wasn’t pretty. There were lots of turnovers. Chara looked human again. Not having the heating up Nathan Horton is making a VERY noticeable difference in scoring chances. The Bruins hate throwing hits.

But they won. They beat the Canadiens for the fourth consecutive time this season. They needed this after another lack luster game against the Rangers. Despite both the Bruins and Canadiens struggles, this felt like a playoff game. The hate was there. There was a ton of back and forth action. Despite the fact that the Bruins tried to give away the game in the third it was a fantastic game to watch.

It seems like every other game we’re saying “maybe this is the game that will get the Bruins back on track.” Whatever. If they’re still playing like this in late March we’ll worry. They just need to tear off their Bruins jerseys and get back to wearing their bWo shirts.


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It is kind of bitter sweet. The season series with the hated Habs is done. There is like a -5% chance Montreal makes the playoffs. So while  it is nice the Bruins own the season series, we always love a good Bruins-Habs playoff matchup.

On the other hand, it is hilarious to think of how Montreal will react when the Canadiens are officially eliminated.

After the jump….. BOO-URNS! And McQuaid in your mouth. And Seguin in your mouth with sweet shootout moves…..

– You know, we usually hate the Montreal crowd. They’re arrogant, pompous, delusional and filled with conspiracy theories. But last night they showed us that they have a sense of humor. Seriously, we didn’t know Habs fans were such huge Simpsons fans! Every time Chara touched the puck they screamed BOO-URNS!

– We don’t like Ryan White around here. At all. He’s a talentless punk ass. We do LOVE McQuaid however. We love his toughness. We love his grit. We love that he loves to end loves. Ryan White tried to mess with Tim Thomas after he had covered a puck. McQuaid really, really didn’t like that.

– This picture never gets old.

– Lil Segsy had a couple of awful, awful turnovers. It was hard to watch. But he came through for the Bruins again. 

Price had that “Luongo in the playoffs” look in his eye. He was completely stunned by how badly Seguin beat him. It was awesome.

– Thomas hasn’t exactly been sharp lately but he made a bunch of huge saves and killed it in the shootout to out duel his sparring partner Carey Price once again!

– Ference celebrated his new show on NatGeo by scoring a goal!

– What a freaking goal by Bergeron. The Execellence of Execution strikes again! Jebus.

– Pouliot… why can’t you break out these sweet moves all the time man?

– Do you remember BITZ! BITZ! IT’S A BYRON BITZ!? Sure, he plays for the enemy now and really was never that good but we still loved him. Anyway, he punched in some dude’s face last night.

– P.K. Subban got a new sponsorship deal. No idea why.

– Remember when the Bruins were clutch and dominated the third period? Now we put on adult diapers during the second intermission and get prepared. 

– The Bruins are still too gun shy. Look at the last few games, especially against the Sabres and Habs. The Bruins seem scared that they’ll get called so they pull up on hits or just don’t go after players at all and other teams know. Both the Sabres and Habs seemed to know the Bruins are hestitant to get physical and they’re taking advantage. The Bruins are at their best when they’re nasty and mean and the bWo needs to get back to just abusing everyone in sight. Shannahan be damned.

– You’re probably wondering why we didn’t cover the Marchand clip and Gill knee on knee. Well Justin already did. Here and here. So suck it bitches.

– Poor Randy Cunneyworth had no idea who scored for either team because the goal announcer speaks French. :-/


– How long will Marchand be suspended after cameras caught him destroying fans in downtown Montreal?

– Can we get a time machine and skip to February 24th?

– Which Bruins player will Twitter decent needs to be traded today?

– We hope it isn’t Byron Dafoe.

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