Tim Thomas: “I’m out… peace.”

Things got a bit awkward post practice today when repoters started asking Tim Thomas about his most recent Facebook post update. His response?

“Yep, that’s my personal life. I won’t be talking about that. It has absolutely nothing to do with the game of hockey or my job as a Boston Bruin.”

And then he was asked if he thought it would be a distraction to the team. His response: 

“That’s my personal life. I won’t be talking about that. It has absolutely nothing to do with the game of hockey or my job as a Boston Bruin.”

Clearly somebody’s been practicing this line in the mirror. He knew these questions were coming.

Here’s video from CSNNE plus Haggs talking about the whole situation:

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And when he was futher pestered:

“I’m going to use my right to remain silent. You have the right to ask the questions and I have the right not to answer those questions. This is my job. Facebook is my personal life. If you guys don’t understand the difference between individual and job, there’s a problem.”

Oof. This is turning into a Montreal Canadien level media circus. Timmy’s right that it’s his personal life but we’re not sure if he realizes that it leaves the realm of being part of his private life when he posts it on the fucking Internet. It’s not like the media is snooping around his house while he’s away, looking for dirty laundry. And for a guy who doesn’t want to talk politics he really wants to talk politics.

At least he left it with an iconic “I’m out… peace.” before booking it away from the media.

ProHockeyTalk has a good take on the whole scenario. Here one good quote:

There’s also this to consider — the harder Thomas stonewalls reporters, the harder they’ll look elsewhere for answers. Case in point: Haggerty went to Bruins coach Claude Julien for his take on the situation. 

Eeks. Not good when the coach has to get involved. Now it’s gone from being a private matter to being a public matter directed at Timmy to a public matter the head coach has to address. Bets that the first guy/gal to ask Cam Neely about this gets thrown through sheet of glass? But PHT is right, especially in a market like Boston. Shit like that doesn’t just disappear. It lingers and festers until both the player and the media hate each other. Both are trying to do their job; both aren’t getting what they want.

On top of all this is that it doesn’t help that the team is playing like ass. Don’t think the two are related but it doesn’t help matters for sure. For the Bruins sake, please stop Timmy. If he just wants to talk about is hockey then don’t give the media anything else to ask about other than hockey.

Or should we just be glad the national attention on the Bruins isn’t about supplemental discipline for once?

UPDATED: Click here for full video from CBS Sports with some woman giving Timmy the business like he’s been brought up on rape charges, and then Timmy pleading the fifth like he’s been brought up on rape charges. It’s really uncomfortable to watch.


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