Tim Thomas snubs the Capitals. BRUINS WIN.

What a game. We went through 27 adult diapers collectively at the DOY offices. The Bruins had their chances and just couldn’t seem to get a bounce. The defense kicked so much as and absolutely stifled the Capitals. Ovechkin had just one shot. Caps fans are talking about how he was throwing the body around. Great. What does the scoreboard say though? The team with the most hits doesn’t win the game, the team with the most goals does. We’ll let that slide though because Capitals fans have only known about hockey for a few years now. 

One hell of a game to watch though. Great action, great hits and B’s came through in over time. 

After the jump….. one down, fifteen to go…..

– Tim “Big Save By” Thomas. He didn’t have a lot of work to do but he sure made the big stops when he needed to. Like that HUGE save on Ovechkin.

– Then he makes another huge stop pops out to the B’s and leads to the game winning goal. THOMAS FOR PRESIDENT!

– Chris Mother Fucking Keeeeeeeeeeeeelly! Great save by Thomas leads to a great opportunity up ice and Kelly buries it down with the Sabres season. What a blast by Seventh Man Chris Kelly.

– Seidenberg and his awesome defense. Plus him and Ovechkin did have some good battles.

– Bergeron being the man.

– Nice return by Destroychuk. Had an awesome save in the third. You can’t beat DESTROYCHUK.

– Thornton pretending he’s Tiger Woods and nailing anything that moves. Plus he had that awesome old school goalie stacking the pads style block. BEAST.

– The look on Semin’s face when he turned around all pissed and realized it was Lucic would hit him.

– Semin being an idiot. What a cowardly little bitch. Leaping off his feet trying to throw hits. Taking cheap shots. Maybe he should try to concentrate on not being a waste of talent. We’re shocked his didn’t break out his bongos.

– Jack and Brick comparing Hendricks to Thornton.

– Alex Ovechkin is an idiot too.

– People booing Wideman every time he touched the puck. If you keep doing that he’s going to feel like he’s at home!!!

– Jay Beagle is a giant pansy and gives a bad name to cute floppy eared beagles.

– How bad will the beating the bWo lays down on the Capitals on Saturday be?

– bWo bitches.


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