Washington Recap: Bruins give Obama Campbell’s number, no Tim Thomas

President Obama’s speech was short and sweet which is for the best since he can now go back to breaking up petty Congressional fights and working on fixing health care and the national debt. Here’s video from CSNNE.com:


  • Obama uses the word “wicked” to start off his speech. Sidenote: No one in Boston says wicked. People from RI say it more often.
  • President says “Enough already, Boston” since we win at everything. He should hire Boston to run hsi reelection campiaign then.
  • Obama calls Marchand “Little Ball of Hate” and asks him “What’s up with that nickname?” No Canucks fans were around to give an answer
  • *Insert your generic Chara is tall joke*
  • Kablere’s suit is more awesome than he is
  • Tuukka Rask was in an absolute trance. Guy’s locked in, even with the President. Amazing.
  • “As the wise old veteran Mark Recchi said: we played together and we drank together. How much did you guys drink anyway?”
  • We’re pretty sure Shawn Thornton didn’t blink the entire time. Bruins looked so uncomfortable, with the exception of Marchand in the corner.
  • Oh yea… no Tim Thomas. Rumor is that it’s because of his political affiliation. Bruins will “address that” why he wasn’t there later.

Rumor is swirling it’s because Timmy’s a conservative. We think it’s because the U.S. has separation of Church and State and it’d be awkward for God to be walking into the White House.

Go Bruins!


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