We’re gonna need a bigger offense. BRUINS LOSE.

You can’t win ’em all. Especially when you only score one goal.

San Jose is a VERY desperate team. They are in danger of not making the playoffs. The Bruins didn’t even come close to matching that desperation.

But what a performance by Thomas. This game could’ve been so much worse but Thomas was his Vezina caliber self. The team in front of him only put up 17 shots but Thomas gave them a chance to win all night. Unfortunately the Bruins didn’t seize it.

You can look at the injuries and the trip to the West Coast as excuses but you can tell when a tired, injured team is giving all they have despite their situation and when a team’s head just isn’t in the game. Last night Boston’s collective head just wasn’t in the game it seemed.

They have about two full days off (not counting practice) before seeing the Sharks-like deperation of the LA Kings. Hopefully the B’s get up for that one so we can sass the Royal Half something fierce.

After the jump….. always look on the bright side of hockey life…..

– Again, Thomas. He was a beast. He tried to spark the bWo but they didn’t follow. That is why he’s the mother ucking champ!

– Chara had the only goal on the night. He tried getting the bear cavalry into war mode but it never worked.

– Shawn Thornton for always trying to provide a spark. Dude has one of the toughest job’s in hockey and still goes out on the ice every night and tries to get it done. Can’t blame the Sharks for refusing to fill Thornton’s dance card. Thornton is a killer.

– It looks like teams have finally figured out the blue print to beat the Bruins. They are at their best when they’re physical and nasty but lately teams are almost always refusing to engage them. If the Bruins ride the emotional high of their physicality, and teams won’t engage, the Bruins need to find another way to get up for games and do it quick.

– This recap. We know. We’ve been slacking lately. Jon’s body is shutting down, Greg has two kids, Robb has been moving and Justin has been traveling. Don’t worry though. We’ll be back to playoff form soon.

– Anyone who thinks the B’s won’t make the playoffs.

– The Bruins lack of effort with the playoffs approaching and Ottawa inching closer.

– Who tried to hack the Bloguin servers? Was it Chef? Or Officer Barbrady? Or the 1997 Denver Broncos?

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