Dalai Lama Bruins

For the Love of Buddha…Bruins Win!

In what can only be described as a bizarre month for Boston, the B’s limped into Saturday’s matchup against the Senators with a not-so-sparkling 6-6 record.  Zdeno Chara…out.  Torey Krug…out.  David Krejci – he of his own early season injury issues – was a last minute scratch and ‘replaced’ by Chris Kelly on the top […]

VIDEO: Jagr Speaks, Boston Listens

  Jaromir Jagr arrived in Boston this morning and spoke with Channel 7 about being traded. Despite hating to move mid-season, he seemed pretty excited when he heard he was coming to Boston. WHDH-TV 7News Boston “Lots of pressure, that’s for sure, but I’m not the same guy I was 15 years ago, that’s for […]

Let the Jagr Watch Begin

  Apparently all the Jagr talk before was mere speculation but now he's officially on the trading block. Told by an NHL source that Jaromir Jagr is now on trade market. Would be good acquisition for the Bruins. — Jimmy Murphy (@MurphysLaw74)

PREVIEW 29: Boston Bruins at Ottawa Senators. Go Home Senators, You’re Ottawa

  The Ottawa Senators won't go away and it is really fucking irritating. They're like the Bruins herpes infection, they always hang back and hang back and crop up at the worst time. There's nothing you can do to send them away either. No medication will take care of it, no amount of injury will […]

PREVIEW 25: Panthers vs. Bruins — Happy Paille Day

  Happy Pi (Paille) Day, everyone. Bruins vs. Panthers tonight. A good team for the Bruins to play against to bounce back from that awful third period meltdown against the Penguins. We know this year's schedule is rough and fatigue is gonna hit them but they gotta find a way to fight through it, especially […]

Merry Christmas from Days of Y’Orr

  Have a fun holidays everyone. Thanks for making this site so much fun to run.  READ OFF. Who read Twas the Night Before Christmas better? Julien or Thornton?  

Said No One Ever: ‘I’m surprised the NHL canceled games through January 14.’

  *Sigh*   The National Hockey League announced today the cancellation of the 2012-13 regular-season schedule through January 14. The cancellations are necessary due to the absence of a new Collective Bargaining Agreement between the NHL Players' Association and the NHL. A total of 625 regular-season games—50.8 percent of the season—were scheduled for October 11 […]

Bruins Fan + No Hockey + Snow + Montreal = Troll Job

Christine sent us this on our DOY Facebook account, which you can like, and we think it's aweosme. Apparently it snowed in Montreal so she decided to piss off some off her bleu blanc et rouge neighbors. I fucking love shit like this. Good job Christine. Fight the power! 

NHL, NHLPA can’t decide if they met this morning… for reals

  We're serious. We're not making this up. This isn't one of our spoof posts or an Onion article. This apparently legit happen, if you believe Darren Dreger. Well, one side says there was a meeting this am and now the other side says there wasn't. Somewhat humorous. — Darren Dreger (@DarrenDreger)

Miro Satan Has Broken Feels

Remember this hit: Well of course you do. Anyways, it has pissed of Miroslav Satan to the point where he doesn't want to be friends with Zdeno Chara anymore. This coming from the man who was Chara's best man at his wedding.  NESN wrote about it this morning:  “I have played hockey for 30 […]