14. Dallas Stars at Boston Bruins. “What About Me? What About Rich Peverley?”

Poor Rich Peverley. It's always been about Tyler Seguin, Tyler Seguin, Tyler Seguin. I can picture Rich as the Jan Brady of the group screaming "Tyler! Tyler! Tyler!" as he stomped off into the bedroom – his face a nice shade of red. 

I mean, even when Seguin was introduced in Dallas, you heard nothing of Rich Peverley. Well come to find out – Pevs had a heart condition that even kept him out of some playoff action last year. And now Dick makes his return to Boston and all you're hearing about is Tyler Seguin. I mean, I get it – Tyler Seguin is a sexy player. He scores goals. He parties like it's 20-aught-9. He was drafted #2 overall. 

But Rich Peverley is making shit happen in Dallas. 

In 13 games for the Stars, Peverley has 2 goals and 5 assists and has been instrumental on both of their specialty teams (power play and penalty kill). Peverley can always be looked as the throw in for Tyler Seguin – much like Mike Lowell was for Josh Beckett so many moons ago – but much like Lowell, he's carving out his own spot in Dallas. 

I'm not advocating that Boston shouldn't have traded him because I think paying $3M per year for a third line winger is nuts, but I'm glad to see that the guy has been productive somewhere else. 

I think this speaks to a bigger issue. Why is it that players leave Boston and have success on other teams after not doing so well here? One can look at Rich Peverley and use him as an example or we can use the poster child in Dallas now: Tyler Seguin

Seguin has been lights out since he arrived in Dallas. In 14 games he has 6 goals and 9 assists while shooting a gaudy 16.7% so far. To me, the Bruins game up on him too early. The kid is still 21 years old – but apparently the Boston management didn't see it in him. I have no idea what "it" was – but you can throw in whatever buzzword you want: 

Compete level. 
Battle level.
Digging In The Corners. 

I mean, when a team does a television series and uses 30 of the 60 minutes to try and justify to its audience why they traded someone, it should send red flags. Instead, Seguin is burning up the Western Conference with Jamie Benn. One can point to the standings and say "Well, Dallas won't make the playoffs! Look at them, they are in 12th in the West!" 

Yeah, but they have 14 points. Look at Boston. Boston is currently 5th in the Eastern Conference with 16 points. If Boston was a Western Conference team, they'd be fighting for 10th place with Nashville so excuse me if I don't buy the "Dallas sucks" argument. 

Add into the mix a Bruins offense that has been so bad it should get sent to Hampstead Hospital for anorexia and you have the base for an entertaining and potentially disastrous game. I wish I could pinpoint what the issue is with the Bruins right now. Is it legs? Already? I mean, they complained about playing back to back nights, but what's the excuse for Saturday's disaster in Long Island? 

I heard Haggs on the radio with Toucher and Rich this morning stating that the Bruins have openly complained about their schedule. 

Stop it. 

That's 2011/2012 Red Sox type bullshit. 

I'm going into a tangent, I need to stop myself. 


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Projected Lines

So Loui Eriksson practiced yesterday. I'm going to call a conspiracy and say that Boston is rushing him back so they can look across the ice and say "SEE! LOOK AT THE PLAYER WE HAVE! SEE!!! SEEEEEEE!!!!!!". I am also an asshole. 

Milan Lucic – David Krejci – Jarome Iginla
Reilly Smith – Patrice Bergeron – Loui Eriksson
Carl Söderberg – Chris Kelly – Jordan Caron
Shawn Thornton – Greg Campbell – Dan Paille

Zdeno Chara – Matt Bartkowski
Dennis Seidenberg – Dougie Hamilton
Adam McQuaid – Torey Krug

Tuukka Rask


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