Bruins Go To Newtown On Off Day; Prove Awesomeness


From the Bruins: 


You often hear "putting smiles on kids' faces" as the importance of offering support to the community, but that was – truly – at the core of the visit.

"Important is probably a real small word," said Coach Julien. "For us, it was something that we really wanted to do. The fact that we have that opportunity to come here and hopefully put smiles on faces and to show our support."

"I'm looking at the players and they're still in there having a blast," Coach said, as he watched Adam McQuaid,Daniel PailleRich PeverleyTyler SeguinDougie HamiltonAndrew Ference and Chris Bourque running around with the kids and playing street hockey on the courts stretched in front of him. "That's such a nice thing to see right now. I'm really proud of our players for coming in here and helping out."

"When you look at the faith and you look at the strength of this town and how they've bonded and supported each other, it's amazing – and having the opportunity to be part of that group, and wanting to be part of that group, is pretty special."

What an awesome move by the organization. You know the kids had a great time playing street hockey with those guys, probably except for Chris Bourque who kept shooting the ball off of the basketball back board. I hate to use the word classy because it's so overused in hockey fan vernacular but it that's exactly what it was.