Cooke slices Karlsson’s achilles, ends Senators season

Last night Matt Cooke made yet another controversial hit to an NHL star. This time his target was well below the head. While driving Erik Karlsson into the boards his skate caught the back of Karlsson's leg and ended Karlsson's and the Senator's season.

Ouch. That's painful. Karlsson needs surgery. Who knows when he'lla ctually be back. It really depends on how bad the cut is.

Obviously Senators fans are pissed as well as the entire organization

"We all know who's involved in it," Senators coach Paul MacLean said. "That's just the way it is. The injury to Erik was unfortunate, and it happens on a nothing play that could've potentially been whistled down."

As Bruins fans we totally get it. Cooke's a fucking douchenozzle. But this was a clean, but unfortunate hit. Wait… hold on a second…

… OK, we're back. Just got a little sick for defending Cooke. So we won't anymore. Old friend Aaron Ward explains why this is just a hockey play gone wrong perfectly.

(Stick tap to BGW at Cblog)

Between this and Reimer going down, we just need something to happen to Vanek and Subban/Price and we'll start seeing Bruins Bounty Conspiracies running wild. Can't wait.

But with Karlsson down that's a huge blow to the Senators. It'll be interesting to see how this affects them in the standings. RIght now they're 7-5-2, two points back from Boston in the Northeast. The Leafs are 8-5-0 and also two-points back from Boston. They'll have to show some depth on a roster people were questioning from the get-go to keep up with the Bruins and rest of the East.

And Cooke isn't getting a phone call from Shanny, by the way.


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