Drink the Merlot In. It Always Goes Down Smooth! BRUINS WIN!

Man, who are these Boston Bruins? We've gone from the brink of elimination to up 3-0 in the semifinals and playing great despite playing two teams out there – the New York Rangers and the NHL referees. Seriously, this was possibly one of the worst officiated games I've ever watched and that's saying something given the current state of officiating. 


This game had the narrative pretty much written. It was your classic "Bruins dominate everywhere but the scorebord" game because Henrik Lundqvist was sensational tonight. I wrote in the preview that Lundqvist was going to steal games and he almost did tonight. 


There's something wrong with him and the Bruins can use it to their advantage (and they have). Outside of a good first period for New York, Boston dictated play. They put more shots on goal in the second period (14) than New York did in the second and third period combined (13). 

Then there was the amount of blood that was left on the ice. How many guys got cut in that game? It was like a god damn 1985 Royal Rumble. All we needed was Shawn Thornton to get DDT'd by Mike Del Zotto and then pull a smaller razor out of his gloves and blade. It would have just made everything perfect. 

Despite the win, it wasn't a great game by Boston. You can put a lot of that on Lundqvist, who again was good tonight. Jesus, I'm writing a Bruins recap and all I can do is write about Lundqvist. I'm like Pierre McGuire only I'm not flossing my teeth with Swedish pubes. 

Well let's get to the good stuff. 

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– Johnny Boychuk is a Destroyer of Worlds among men. He's having a massive semifinals series right now. Everything happened because of the Merlot Line, which we will talk about shortly – but Boychuk's shot had eyes. Sometimes when you're feeling it, you're feeling it and this guy is feeling it. 


– Jesus Christ – how good is the fucking Merlot Line? They were buzzing tonight and were the best line on the team. They're easily outplaying the Peverley/Kelly/Seguin line. In fact, I've seen more movement in a pudle of hippo cum than I have out of the "third line". 

That Paille goal, by the way, some of the weirdest puck movement I've ever seen. There was a lot of English on that bad boy and Paille's stick just sort of found it's way there. Maybe that's a testament to how good (and underrated) Paille has been during his tenure in Boston. 

I like it when guys like Greg Campbell and Dan Paille are getting more TOI then Chris Kelly and Rich Peverley. They played out of their mind tonight. 

Tuukka Rask

– Rask was solid again tonight. He doesn't have to be the Tuukka Rask from the Toronto Maple Leafs series where he's facing 40+ shots. All Rask needs to do is (cliche incoming) play his game and the Bruins will win games. He made some unreal saves tonight that kept this team in it when the defense broke down. 

Rask is showing that he actually did deserve a Vezina nod, but fuck it, I'm sure he'll take a trip the Eastern Conference Finals instead. 

– Bruins PK was great tonight, but that's not saying much because the Rangers power play is god awful. Either way, the Rangers got power plays and Boston killed them. Sun rise, sun set. 

– You know what's a positive? People telling Boston Media to shut the fuck up. I'm sure you all remember the infamous Jimmy Murphy tweet right? If not, here it is: 


Seriously – this is real. Not doctored up or Photoshopped. We're not good enough to do shit like that, haha. So Murphy apologzied but is still getting shit for this and rightly so. Then this happened: 


Seriously – read that again. Murphy thinks he's right that Chara shouldn't be the captain of the Bruins. I guess having a Norris Trophy winner who can play 30+ minutes when needed and not blink an eye isn't captain material. 

Or maybe it's because Chara won't talk to the media. (ding!) 

I'm not one to call people out because if you want to act like a jackass go right ahead, but Murphy is on a whole different level of idiocy lately. How does this guy have press passes (answer: he works for ESPN). 


blind refs

– The lack of penalties against the New York Rangers tonight was a fucking joke. There were multiple times when the Rangers did something that could be called a penalty (Callahan hit on Chara that cut him open, clear Nash hook on Chara, Rich Peverley getting held, Tyler Seguin taking a high stick to the face). 

There's 5:44 left in the third period and whoever is barking for NBC openly states that the Bruins havent even had a power play chance during this game. It's pathetic and the NHL should be ashamed to have such horrible decisions being made on the ice. 



But seriously, what the fuck. Also Kelly and Peverley have been garbage this playoffs. These guys blow. 


– Jaromir Jagr is so snakebitten that I don't even have a clever one liner to throw out there. He's past pissed venom. He's like…like…I don't even know. I have no fucking idea. All I know is that this poor bastard is giving it everything he has, getting unreal looks and can't bury the puck. 

Still playing better than Seguin. 

– The Bruins PP. Oh wait – they didn't get one. I think I'm just used to it at this point. 


– Why is Lundqvist called "King Henrik" when he hasn't won anything? 

– Where you at TyTy? 

– How is Tim Thomas feeling right now? 


Drink The Merlot In, It Always Goes Down Smooth. BRUINS WIN!



It wasn't pretty, but it's 2 points and in the end that's all that matters. The Bruins looked sloppy and sluggish throughout the game tonight and needed some luck (see: Campbell game tying goal) but eventually took control in the third period and beat the New York Islanders 4-2.

The Bruins fourth line really clicked tonight and played like the first line while the third line is disgustingly terrible. I'll go through everything when we break it down in Positives/Negatives/Lingering Questions. 

There's isn't much to say about this game as a whole. The Bruins did some things well (penalty kill, Hamilton) and they did some things terribly (power play) and but was basically average/ They played down to their opponent, which could be expected because coming off of an overtime game versus the Rangers could make anyone not give a shit. 

Let's be honest, it's the Islanders and Boston is known to play down to their opponent at times. It's like getting excited to perform a play in front of people and walk out to see 4 children sitting there. 

But like they say, two points is two points and the Bruins now lead the Eastern Conference with 7 of them. 

After the jump, lets break it down…


Bruins merlot

Merlot Line: The Merlot Line was on fire tonight. Each member finished the game with a point (Thornton goal, Campbell goal, Paille assist) and dolled out some punishment along the way (Paille hit, Thornton "fight"). They did their job tonight and brought some much needed energy 

In a shortened season (or any type of season) there will be games where you need someone other than your first two lines to step up. The Merlot Line has been a staple of the Bruins since their inception and tonight they proved that they are valuable. They've earned their ice time. 


Dougie Hamilton: Is this kid for real or are we all just dreaming? Hamilton had a strong performance against the New York Rangers, and if you can believe it, topped that performance against New York's bastard children. Hamilton was average in his defensive zone, but made plays to get the Bruins on the board. He assisted on Greg Campbell's goal and was the reason why Chara's goal was set up in the offensive zone. 


The dude is just balls to the wall lights out right now. Shit, the Garden appreciated his play so much tonight that they chanted "Dougie! Dougie! Dougie!" in the third period. Also, he had a rocket of a slapper on DiPietro. This kid is so close to putting the puck in the net and I'm sure my timeline on twitter will explode when he does. 


Milan LucicWhat can I say? Another strong game for Lucic tonight. He was the primary reason why Chara scored that goal (it was a great feed to the big guy) and he dropped Carkner with one shot to the chin in the first period. 

I don't like Lucic, but I love that I'm being proven wrong about him this season. 

magic hands

Bergeron's Goal: He is going to make some woman very happy and then very, very sad. 


3rd line

Third Line: Chris Kelly played almost 15 minutes tonight. Rich Peverley played 14:43 and Chris Bourque played a little over 12 and the LINE combined 1 shot. I'm not sure what's going on with this line, but their get up and go has seemingly got up and went. Last year this line proved to be a big help to the Bruins, but it's been acting more like a fourth line than a third. I'm not sure if their chemistry is off or they're still getting into the groove of things, but it may be time for Claude to do something soon.

Power Play: Sucks. 

Sloppy Play: Boston was sloppy throughout the night and it cost them a goal when Keith Aucoin blasted #2 past Tuukka. I'm not sure if the ice was a reason for the sloppiness or if it was the fact Boston was playing the Islanders, but they were shit. They couldn't handle the puck, they couldn't make crisp, clean passes and they were skating around like chickens with their heads cut off. 

Tyler Seguin: 0 goals. Kid is so snake bitten. 

Lingering Qs

– Can we just give Brian Burke third assists when it comes to Hamilton and Seguin? 

– Is Anton Khudobin real or did the Bruins just make him up to make Tim Thomas jealous? 

– If the Islanders score a goal, but Long Island doesn't give a shit, should it even count? 

– When Keith Aucoin scores a goal, can we punch Justin? 

– Does the guy who runs the music at the Garden only have the Dropkick Murphys discography?