Grindin’ Gears: Where ESPN Continues To Do It Wrong

ESPN is the shittiest thing this side of my toilet after some amazing Mexican food. For some reason, the higher ups believed that having Stephen A. Smith talk about hockey was a great idea. Who know what else is a great idea? Apparently throwing babies off balconies, searching Habs hashtags on Twitter and checking vulnerable places and then getting your face bashed in by Chara's disgustingly huge Hulk hands. If you missed this yesterday/earlier this morning (and I'm not 100% sure because I refuse to watch Sportscenter), here's the video: 

Now re-attach your brain and let's try to figure this out. After that whore who is running ESPN talks about the Chicago/Detroit shootout, they cut to a graphic about the two current streaks going on: 


And in case you're a fucking idiot, here's a reminder that both teams are from Minnesota because that apparently means something?! So after this graphic, Whores Devores cuts to Smith and asks him which streak is more impressive. Guess what the guy who covers basketball for ESPN is going to say about which winning streak is more impressive between a basketball team and a hockey team. 




Stephen A. Smith wouldn't know what a hockey puck was if you placed it in front of him. He's so fucking oblivious to the NHL that he would probably think it was an overcooked bagel. 

"When it was a 21 game streak, it was really an 8 game streak because THERE WERE TIES." – Stephen A. Smith

Ties? Fucking ties? Is this guy serious? Did he just finish playing NHL 95 on his Sega Genesis? Fucking TIES?! THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS FUCKING TIES IN THE NHL ANYMORE. Jesus Christ, do some god damn research. Wins. Losses. Overtime Losses – which means that there is a shootout, which means someone lost. There's no ties anymore. Someone should take that guy's tie and choke him out. 

This is why hockey people hate ESPN, because they don't do anything right. A fucking tie?

"Obviously hockey is about points." – Stephen A. Smith

It's clear that no one outside of John Buccigross at ESPN really cares about the sport of hockey. They allow people like Stephen A. Smith to come on and speak their mind about a subject they know dick about. He fucking goes on and on about ties in hockey. Jesus Christ. 

The best part is that little shot at Columbus at the end. Well obviously if you don't know the rules about how a hockey game lines up in terms of winning and losing, you won't know anything about the teams and where they are located.