Here’s Stan Fischler’s Attempt at Trolling


Anytime someone complains about Jack Edwards being the biggest homer this side of the Mississippi we'll just send them a picture of Stan Fischler. Not even sure what this dude's deal is but we're pretty sure if he vomited we'd see a bunch of dildos with Rangers logos all over it.

He wrote a post today about the "Five Reason to Dislike Boston." We're not going to link to it because it's not worth the read but here's his five reasons:

1. They are from Beantown; isn’t that reason enough?

2. Bostonians talk funny, almost incomprehensibly. After all, since when is a Garden called a Ghahdin? Plus, as my pal, Gus Vic, reminds me, “Boston fans are more provincial than any in sports. Their collective universe rarely extends beyond the city limits.”

3. They have an annoying team called the Red Sox. (Not that the Mets are any bargain.)

4. Their subway has trolley cars running in it. (That automatically makes Boston a village, not a city.)

5. As a hockey team, the Bruins have been reprehensible over the years, especially to Rangers fans.





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