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- Jon not being an idiot and finally getting his camera to work.

- Sweet, sweet Natino Hortontine goal with the assist from Doug Hamilton. 

- Bergeron channeling the powers of  Quailman. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!

Hey Julien, you know what Bergeron needs after that goal?

- Brad Marchand and his HOT HOT HANDS!

- Horton's sweet mother fudging redirect in the third. Whenever Horton scores we feel like we have to…

- P.K.!


No, not that one!



- Bruins being beasts in the third period again. 



- Steven Stamkos. He's a cheater. He used the god code when he was drafted and never looked back. Jerk.


If you don't get the joke it means you didn't watch the DOY Pregame Show. Jerk. A pox upon your house, upon your familiy and anyone you've ever known and anyone you'll ever meet!

- The Bruins love of blowing two goal leads.

- The Bruins love of leaving the opposing team's best scorers wide open near the net.

- Rough game for lil Dougie. His best friend Mosquito Valentine will probably give him a very homoerotic hug to make him feel better.

- The day Doug moved to ABC and became awful.

- Patty Mayonnaise being such a cock tease all the time. Poor Doug.



- How long until Seguin's sister sues Jon for slander?

- Who do we talk to about getting Doug back on the air?

- Will the Beets ever reunite for one last tour?

- Where can we buy these?!?!

- How excited are you that we are ending this recap with this?

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