Linkopings HC’s Loss is Boston’s Gain


It's official, Carl Soderberg's team Linkopings HC is out of the SEL Playoffs, losing the series 4-1. That means Soderberg's free to come over to the NHL and play for the Boston Bruins… kinda.

There are still a few hurdles. The Bruins and Soderberg's agent need to work out a contract. The SEL and Linkopings also need to sign off on releasing Soderberg to come cross the Atlantic for greener pastures. But it's the most optimistic either side has been about him heading over to the NHL.

And for those wondering, Soderberg is eligible for the NHL Playoffs. Chiarelii had him on the reserved roster (or whatever the name of it is) so Carl can join the team at any time and be playoff ready.

And as the Bruins get healthy bodies back their roster is going to look mighty crowded:

We love us some Shawn Thornton but it'd be hard to find him a slot with all the guys on the roster. Seriously. Possible line combos if everyone is healthy?







Except for the first line that's two centers per line which is great for face off reasons in the playoffs. Holy smokes. That's a pretty deep team right there. Even the third line looks like a killer.

Man. We haven't been this excited since Jagrection


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