MOVEMBER POST: Days of Y’Orr Have The Fantasy Hockey Rice Krispy Dick

Editorial Note: Today's Movember post topic comes from Tim Rosenthal, senior editor at Bruins Daily. Tim requested that the topic be about how his team, Old Country Way, is currently dominating Days of Y'Orr in our Bruins Daily vs DOY fantasy hockey league. Since both Tim and I share FH names that take after the Iron Sheik, I will also be writing this post in "Iron Sheik speak". If you have no idea what that is, you should feel shame. Also, the real Iron Sheik wrote a post for us once

Alright bubba, Old Country Way dominate the fantasy league of hockey where Bruins Daily play Days of Y'Orr. The Old Country Way has big dick and smash the tiny faces of DOY without much care. We six weeks into fantasy hockey and Bruins Daily the top dogs one through three. No contest these putzes are. The DOY have the baby dick and Miley Cyrus big whore. 

First Old Country Way play Pez and Respect The Legend team. I humble Pez and beat him 9-1. I break his back with Camel Clutch, make him pray to Wayne Grotzkey that he never play me again. He named Respect The Legend but he no respect the legend so bubba I made him respect the legend that is Old Country Way. Only category Pez win is PIM because Pez is stupid goon with no brain. Pez have the cheeseburger tits. 

He not legendary baby. He just big dumb dumb. 

After jump I beat rest of DOY like step child with red hair…

Week 3 I fight the Pizz and we come to draw. I no tie in real life if I see ORRgasm in real life I make him humble. He lucky at time that Old Country Way not have #TeamSheiki bring the pain and stomp his face. Antti Niemi carry Old Country Way that week with two wins and 0.65 goals against because Niemi have the big boulder balls not the Tic Tac Balls like the Justin Bieber and Pizz mustache. 

Week 4 bring on Justin the long hair pirate. Justin no pirate and bubba he don't respect the legend so I make him humble too. I tie Justin and let him live another day but that's cause I'm nice not cause Justin is good. I break his back and humble him too. Justin let lucky have Roberto Luongo do good cause Roberto Luongo is my friend. He have 2 wins that week not like the Bobrovski jabroni who have GAA over 7. He the baby dick pizza. 

Justin luckily he have sword. I face Justin again – bash his face flat like Miley Cyrus pancake ass. 

Only DOY jabroni to beat me be Jon who is like fantasy hockey Batman. He beat me 7-2, he humble me but he get lucky. Use brass knuckles like John Cena on Big Show and have the raisin balls. He Vince MacMahon Screw Job me and he lucky. Every squirrel find nut and Jon loves nuts. He the Justin Bieber of fantasy hockey. He no respect the legend, he no Old Country Way – he jabroni. Old Country Way only score 9 goals cause Loui Eriksson no score even in whore house. 

Still Old Country Way in third place and Bruins Daily have spot one, two three like when I pin DOY on the mat. They no respect the legend? Well Bubba, the legend come in and smack their mother's faces like Bobby Orr and best friend Dustin Penner. 

Last but not least you support DOY in Movember. You help get rid of cancer or I find you and I camel clutch you until you die