NESN Doesn’t Renew Contract for Naoko Funayama. PEOPLE. ARE. PISSED.

So yesterday news broke that NESN would not renew the contract of sideline reporter Naoko Funayama. Naoko spent four years covering the Bruins and the backlash NESN is receiving right now is unreal. A lot of people are saying "Well she's not hot enough for the job" which is bullshit because I'll take brains over beauty anyday. I mean, Jenny Dell covers the Red Sox and is a complete fucking moron. Everything she says sounds scripted while Naoko seemed to be able to talk off the cuff. 

I know it sounds stupid to be sad someone from TV will be gone, but she's as much a part of the Bruins telecast as Jack and Brick. She was a professional and apparently everyone loved her. 












It's funny to see people rally behind someone in the TV business. You almost never see it, especially with sideline reports. Not in Boston.






And lastly, the players loved her.


I can't wait until NESN fills the spot with Leah Hextall, because I want someone who looks like they've been up smoking crack all night to interview players on my TV.

Fuck NESN.