RECAP: Thanks, Iginla. BRUINS WIN!

Holy smokes. What a game. The Pens threw their all at Boston and couldn't get it done. Game winner comes compliments of an Iginla redirect. We have narratives but seeing Iggy lose to the Bruins after whatever happened during that clusterfuck of a trade deadline is some poetic justice if you're a Bruins fan.

"The Bruins played very well, they’re a very good team. I was fortunate to have that choice, and when you make it you definitely believe in the guys [in Pittsburgh]. We played some great hockey up until this last series,” said Iginla.

And if you think seeing the man that was supposed to come to Boston didn't light a fire under the Bruins collective ass you don't watch enough sports.

“We kind of took it [as motivation], in that sense that when a guy chooses another team over your team, it kind of does light a little bit of a fire underneath you,” said Lucic, who finished with three assists and a plus-4 in the series. “Fortunately, we were able to turn it into a positive more than a negative. He’s a great player. He’s a legend, he’s a future Hall of Famer, and looking back at that day, he earned the right to make the decision he made. You can never blame a guy for going with his heart and making that type of decision. I’m not going to insult him in any way."

Rask also was unreal this series. He posted a .985 save percentage and a GAA of 0.44. Rask and the Bruins shut down the best offense in the league. Suck on that, Mark Madden.

Bruins owned the first two games on the road and that's what killed the Penguins. They got embarassed on home ice and that had to try to get back into the swing of things on the road. It meant Julien got to play the matching game with a 2-0 cushion. Awful position for Pitt to be in. To their credit they played hard in the last two games. Those were toss ups, but Boston got the breaks.

Boston Bruins Eastern Conference Champions

And holy shit that final minute…

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– Bruins spend their entire first shift in the Penguins zone. Great pace to start the game for the Bs.

– Bruins all over Crosby in the first period. Guy can't take a breathe without a Bruins on his back.

– Daugavin had a sweet bit early in the second. Nice move. He had Vokoun beat but rings the post. Shoulda done a spin move.

– Marchand was on Full Troll Mode 

– The post. Penguins have hit the pipe so hard that they should probably apply to be on A&E's Intervention next season.

Or be Toronto's next mayor.

– Dark Quaider with huge first goal. Marchand take pucks up the ice and cuts back. Pens defender blows a tire which gives Brado more room. Dishes it to Quaider who blasts it over Vokoun's shoulder.

– Classic Paille on the breakaway on the PK. Not sure why this is in the good section? Maybe because it's predictable and feels like home.

– Patrice Bergeron continuing to dominate the faceoff circle.

– Tuukka Rask let in 2 goals in 4 games. His GAA was below 0.50 thanks to the 2OT.

Kid was locked in. 0.44 GAA. .985 SV%.

Best backup there ever was, right Madden? Pittsburgh media embarrassed themselves with the Rask talk this series. Worry about MAF and his bogus contract.

– In the last two series this has been the best scorer against Tuukka Rask.

– Vokoun played his ass off. 

– Chara in the final minute saved the game for Boston. Hand of God moment.



– That "unsportsmanlike" penalty on Looch during the icing.  

No idea coach. No one had a fucking clue what was going on. So bizzare. Shitty call and gave Pens some momentum at a point where Boston was running the show.

– Lack of Thornton in the first. :(

– Orpik's dive. We go to Jesus for Orpik's score.

– This dude from the King's game two night's back.

– The word "yinz." 

– Crosby. 0 points. Sucks.

– Malkin. 0 points. Sucks. 

– MAF. Joke of a goaltender in the playoffs, especially with that contract. 

…We hear Miller and Luongo are looking for new teams…

– Letang. If the Bruins win the Cup they should put his name on it. He was Boston's best player since Phaneuf in the opening round.

– Cooke. Still a jerkface. Also sucks.

– Iginla. Makes this photoshop funnier now.

Jarome Iginla Boston Bruins



– Blackhawks or Kings?

– Is Tuukka Rask even human?

– Will Seguin ever score? Will Jagr ever score?

– Did the C-Blog ban Greg's IP yet?





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