VIDEO: Watch Jeremy Jacobs hold a press conference to throw punches at NHLPA & for no good reason


Jeremy Jacobs showing how out of touch he is with the Bruins fanbse, held a press conference this evening before the game. Yep. First game after 100+ days of lockout and Jeremy Jacbos decided to hold a press conference to talk about the lockout and throw everyone under the bus, especially the players. Everyone was having a grand ol time with hockey returning and then Jacobs had to go stomping through the party and make a scene. Awful.

Most of the finger pointing came during the Q&A portion. But seriously, what was the point of all that? What was the point of poking at the embers? Does Jacobs have a bad case of the butt hurt that he felt the need to unleash on the players on Opening Day? If anything, those words came at least a week late.



“Let me make this observation,” he said. “Nobody won, but more importantly, nobody lost at this point.”

Yea, well, except for all the small and local businesses.

And from

Jacobs, regarded as one of the most militant hard-line owners driving the lockout, appeared to blame the union for a deal not getting done sooner, saying it "should've and could've" been resolved quicker and characterized it as "disappointing."

Of the union, Jacobs said: "There was no expression of a desire to make a deal."

When asked to elaborate how a deal could have been brokered earlier — the labor standoff lasted almost four months before an agreement was reached earlier this month — Jacobs deflected blame onto the NHLPA.

"You'd really have to ask the other side on that," he said.

Our official response to Jacobs:


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