77. Boston Bruins at Toronto Maple Leafs. Good Luck Finding NESN Plus!

We’re winding down here folks. If you haven’t caught Chip’s recap from last night’s “game” in Detroit – you should. Last night the Bruins scratched Jarome Iginla with a lower body injury aka they are probably giving him a night off. I don’t think anyone should read into him being scratched and if someone else is scratched tonight, there’s your answer. Seriously, not worried at all.

Unless he’s scratched tonight.

Oh that’s right! I forgot the Red Sox play tonight as well which means we get to play everyone’s favorite game of “WHERE THE HELL IS NESN PLUS!?!E!” This is always a household favorite. Sometimes it ends in NESN Plus, sometimes it ends in a shitty feed of NESN and sometimes it ends with a remote control being tossed angrily out the window.

Fucking NESN Plus.

Because I’m awesome, here’s a listing for NESN Plus. Click the image for the full, high res listing.


In terms of tonight’s game: I have no idea what to expect out of Toronto anymore. This year they are a complete tire fire wrapped in Indian food and covered in burnt hair. The fucked up thing is that they’re only a point out of the final wild card spot. Normally I would be worried about the Bruins facing Toronto after last year, but they aren’t a scary team this year.

Apparently it’s all April Reimer’s fault though. That bitch. I could kiss her.

Fun fact provided by Mike from Orange and Black Pack.

Fun little stat, don’t read much into it. It’s not Lucic bashing.

I mean if you want some bashing, we can talk about Dion Phaneuf.

This is the Maple Leafs usage chart for the season with players who have played at least 39 games. For those who have no idea what this thing is, it basically measure how a player is used. So I’ll try to break this down but I’m not an expert on it. I’m still learning.

– Color of the circle represents possession. When looking at usage charts, you want your players to be blue. The darker the blue, the better the player is in terms of 5v5 possession. If you look at the Bruins usage chart, Patrice Bergeron is a dark blue because he is one of the best players in the NHL in terms of 5v5 possession.

– The size of the circle represents time on ice.

– The Y axis (left side) represents quality of competition. The higher the circle is on the Y axis, the better players this person is playing against.

– The X axis (bottom) represents zone starts. Using the Bruins usage chart again, you notice Torey Krug is all way to the right. Why? Because 65% of his zone starts are in the offensive zone.

Woof. Look at that. Basically this tells us that Toronto is horrible with puck possession with Phaneuf being one of the worst on the team.

What’s this mean?

You can expose the god damn Maple Leafs. That chart alone tells me that the Bruins should be able to control the game, especially against a Phaeuf/Gunnarsson pairing (a pairing Toronto used 24% of the time on even strength last game). Yeah, Carl Gunnarsson – the guy who is 21st in the NHL among defeseman in giveaways.

I’m not even sorry for trying to teach you guys something.

Projected Lines

Just a guess that Bergeron may rest tonight. I have no idea.

Milan Lucic – David Krejci – Jarome Iginla
Brad Marchand – Ryan Spooner – Reilly Smith
Chris Kelly – Carl Soderberg – Loui Eriksson
Shawn Thornton – Greg Campbell – Dan Paille

Dougie Hamilton – Zdeno Chara
Matt Bartkowski – Johnny Boychuk
Torey Krug – Adam McQuaid

Chad Johnson


Puck Drop: 7:30pm EST
Radio: 98.5 The Sports Hub


Know the Enemy

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