Brian Fantana Presents: WILD CARD WATCH!

Here we go with another edition of Wild Card Watch. Last night Detroit, Columbus, Toronto and Washington all played.

Detroit, Columbus and Washington all came away with wins while Toronto lost. With only two games left in their season, the Maple Leafs have been eliminated from the 2014 NHL playoffs.

And their magic number is 3 to be eliminated from the 2015 playoffs.

At least Phil Kessel can spend the rest of April not looking over his shoulder wondering when the next beat down will be coming.

Here’s the current Wild Card standings after last night’s tilt.


I said it yesterday on Twitter and I’ll say it here: I want Detroit to win out (or at least stay in the first wild card spot). With Ben Bishop dealing with a potential serious wrist injury from last night’s game, there’s a chance Detroit could jump to third in the Atlantic and take on Montreal – so that’s okay too. Of course that dream was ruined on Twitter when someone said Tampa only needs one more point to lock up third in the ATL.

Yeah, the ATL.

Tonight both Detroit and Columbus are back at it. Detroit faces off against Pittsburgh with rumors swirling that Kris Letang will make his return. Yeah, Kris Letang.



Columbus will face Dallas in Dallas.




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