Closer Look at Gregory Campbell’s ‘no goal’ goal


It looked like the Merlot Line scored their fifth goal in the past six games after Campbell buried this rebound home.

But it went to Toronto for review where it was ruled "no goal" for a "distinct kicking motion." NESN's intermission crew thought it could've gone either way but take a look at the play in slo-mo and you'll see just how wrong that no goal call was.

Trevor Daley clearly fires the puck off of Campbell's glove and then it bounces off the top of Campbell's foot , nothing but net.. Apparently Campbell isn't allowed to try to stop short of the net, but he's also not allowed to bowl the goalie over either. He's also not allowed to let opposing teams defensement to fire pucks off of him and into the net. Really not sure what the League wanted him to do.

Awful call.


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