Hate Us Cause You Aint Us – Everyone Hates The Bruins.

SBNation posted this bad boy this morning:

Canada fucking hates the Bruins eh?

From the post:

Nine U.S. states hate the Bruins more than any other team, while every single Canadian province is united in their hatred of the B’s. That’s damn impressive. Meanwhile, North America collectively hates the Bruins more than anybody else, joining Europe, Asia and Oceania in the fun.

It seems everyone fucking hates the Bruins. What about other countries not named US and Canada?

So not only does Canada and 9 US states hate the Bruins, but seemingly the rest of the hockey world does too except for South America and Africa.

Hey Africa, why so much hate for the Jets other than they are terribly mismanaged and suck a bag of octopus pubes?

Canada, I thought we were boys.


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