Like a Sabre to the heart. BRUINS LOSE

Ugh, the Sabres man. Any fucking team other than the Sabres. Boston looked out of it for pretty much the whole game, though they had spurts of puck possession and playing well. For once, I'm willing to give them a pass given that most of them haven't played a hockey game in two weeks and the Sabres played one the night before. Anymore of this shit though and we're going to have some major issues. 

I don't know man, I don't know where to go with this one. I had a huge fucking problem with the officiating tonight. I think the Olympics spoiled me – I felt those zebras were pretty good, but the ones last night were like striped abortions. They were just fucking everything up, making horrible fucking calls or lack there of (non penalty to Myers [where he scored], non penalty to Söderberg on his elbow to Ott) and almost letting the game get out of hand at the end of the second period. 

Do you even jpg bro? 

Okay I'm off the rails. 

Hey let's give Buffalo some credit – I guess. They felt bad about the Bruins possibly doubling them in points (a Bruins win would give them 80 to Buff's 40) but still allowed the Bruins to get a point on a night where Montreal lost. So thanks Buffalo, I guess. Also I didn't have to watch Ryan Miller's stupid pouty face after Chara was poking at the puck when he scored the Bruins second goal. 

Imagine how horrid that would be? 

Oh wait, NBC showed creepy Ryan Miller anyway. 

Fuck it let's goooooooooooooo

- Brad Marchand played like a possessed little demon yesterday. Despite his stupid penalty against Myers, which should have been a match penalty and wasn't, he tied the game up 3-3 with a nifty snipe. The best part about it? John Scott was playing defense and turned the puck over so quickly I had shades of Dennis Wideman in my face. 

Here's another look at it. 

- The third line. Carl Söderberg had a phenomenal game. With the Sabres up 1-0, Söderberg makes this pass to Chris Kelly, who buries it. Kelly, who I said was the Bruins LVP (Least Valuable Player) in the Puck Daddy questionnaire obviously did what all Bruins do and shut me up when I write negatively about them. He scored to tie the game up, had a few short handed chances, killed some penalties. He did it all. Loui Eriksson also had some chances and it took Jonas Enroth to stand on his head and takes those away. 

Söderberg pass/Kelly goal

Like I said above, Eriksson was robbed point blank on a pretty wide open net. YA GOTTA GET IT UP SON. 

- Chara on the power play is a thing of beauty man. I was saying for years that Chara should be in front of the net. In fact, one time I called DA when he was on the air in Boston driving home from a game and said that – but the consensus was the same "Chara needs to boom the slap shot". Well it's proven otherwise and last night Chara scored a power play goal to tie the game at 2. 


- Milan Lucic continued to give the Buffalo Sabres, their fans, their fans' significant others and Ryan Miller's pocket pussy fits. With the game tied at three, Lucic fired a loose puck past Enroth to go up 4-3. 

Although only rumored, Lucic then skated past Ryan Miller and gave him the 'Suck It' hand motion – to which Miller will use in his award winning country album entitled "Red". 

- Chad your goaltending, woof. Rough night from "Hi my name is…" between the pipes last night. I'm not one to call out a goalie for soft goals because it's hard to determine what is actually "soft" or not, but some of those last night should have been saveable. In the same vein, this is also a knack on the defenseman last night – they were terrible. 


Boychuk gets smoked on this pass coming through the middle. This should not happen if you're in position. So what happens? Girgensons buries a pass from Brian Flynn and the only thing Boychuk can do is get treated for whiplash from dat neck turn. 

Example 2: 

Chara gets SMOKED going for a loose puck by D'Agostini, isn't able to get position on him and Moulson somehow scores a goal that Johnson probably should have saved. Here's a different view of it. 

Lastly, you have to save this. 

But like I said, I'm willing to give the Bruins a pass given that most of them haven't played a meaningful game of hockey in almost 17 days. 

- Does Jarome Iginla know there's a game on Saturday? 

- Can we stop with the Marty St. Louis rumors? 

- Who is up to tar and feather the first joke that comes along and makes a serious Ryan Kesler trade rumor?