PHOTOSHOP EXPO: What Is Alex Ovechkin Showing Us?

Well, the dog days of summer are almost behind us – finally. With September rolling around comes multiple Facebook posts about pumpkin coffee, Sons of Anarchy, the brats going back to school and most important…hockey. So we’re going to kick this off with a fun little photoshop expo. This lovely image was tweeted to Adam of ThePensblog who retweeted it.


So to get the creative juices flowing – we want your submissions.

What the fuck is Alexander Ovechkin showing us? We’ve done some unreal photoshop expos in the past so I’m hoping that this is just as good. Feel free to make it anything – we don’t care. Email all of your submissions to We will not be saving/posting any of them if you send them to us via Facebook or Twitter.

To get it all started, here ya go:



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